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Added the just written documentation files to a new Documentation/i2c

directory when patching the kernel.

Also, added a few lines in TODO, and fixed a typo in i2c-core.

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1* Make sure the /proc registration code in i2c-core uses the same debugging
2  code and other conventions as the rest of the file.
3* Make especially i2c-core SMP-safe. This means: locks around all global
4  variable access, especially during (de)registration activity.
5* Use the defines in <linux/kernel.h> to classify printk commands
6  as informational, fatal, etc. Already done for some modules at some
7  places.
8* Introduce version numbers for all modules, reported on insertion
9* Check debugging levels in all modules are sane.
10* Pretty-print everything as in the kernel code guidelines (found in
11  linux-x.y.x/Documentation)
12* linux/Documentation/devices.txt lists i2c0, i2c1 etc. instead of i2c-0, i2c-1
13* Find some solution for block reads in smbus-on-i2c emulation code
14  We need a hack in the i2c level code for this :-(
15* At least the bit-lp and bit-velle modules do no detection on loading;
16  ask Simon whether this is possible to add.
17* i2c-dev can't cope with mixed read/write I2C transactions. We need a
18  new IOCTL which uses messages like the i2c_transfer function
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