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1Except for many unimplemented things (listed in the TODO file), there may be
2true bugs too. If you experience any problems, do not hesitate to mail But read the documentation first, please!
5Pre-2.1.58 /proc directory Oops
8There is a problem in pre 2.1.58 kernels that can make the kernel Oops. You
9can trigger this Oops if you have opened any file, or are in any directory,
10created by a module. If you remove the module at such a moment, successive
11access to those files or directories will make the kernel complain through
12an Oops. There is really no good way to solve this. Stock kernel modules
13exhibit the same problem, by the way. Kernels from 2.1.58 onwards have new
14fill_inode() semantics; using this function, we can increase the module use
15count while a module file or directory is accessed. This solves the problem,
16because it makes it impossible to remove the module.
17Alan Cox (, the maintainer of 2.0 kernels, has
18said he will consider patches that backport this 2.1 feature; perhaps it
19will be in 2.0.37. Until then, be careful when you unload modules.
222.2.x cdrom.o Oops
25Module cdrom.o in all 2.2 kernels conflicts with our sensors.o module.
26You can get an Oops if cdrom.o is unloaded after sensors.o was loaded.
27Below is a small diff that you can apply to the kernel to correct this.
28Another solution is to make sure cdrom.o is never unloaded, or to make
29sure it is not a module but compiled into the kernel proper.
31The diff corrects a long-standing /proc bug. It will go into kernel 2.2.2
32or later in a somewhat modified form. It was written by Jens Axboe
35-----cut here-----
36--- virgin/kernel/sysctl.c      Sat Jan  9 07:54:16 1999
37+++ linux/kernel/sysctl.c       Mon Feb  1 23:44:58 1999
38@@ -559,12 +559,12 @@
39                        unregister_proc_table(table->child, de);
40                }
41                /* Don't unregister proc directories which still have
42-                  entries... */
43-               if (!((de->mode & S_IFDIR) && de->subdir)) {
44+                  entries or are still being used... */
45+               if (!((de->mode & S_IFDIR) && de->subdir) && !de->count)
47                        proc_unregister(root, de->low_ino);
48                        table->de = NULL;
49                        kfree(de);
50-               }
51+               }
52        }
53 }
54-----cut here-----
57Kernel i2c conflict
60An older version of the i2c modules is distributed in 2.2 and late 2.1
61kernels. If you try to use it at the same moment as our i2c modules, you
62may get into trouble. This should be fixed for lm_sensors-2.4.0 and newer.
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