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Add licenses, update modules parameters and chips features

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1lm_sensors CHANGES file
3This is a list of the most important changes in 2.x versions. It is by
4no means complete, listing only the most significant changes.
5The ultimate way to know what has changed is to run diff, or even neater,
6ask CVS about it:
8  * Checkout the archive (see doc/cvs for how you can do this)
9  * Determine which tags are valid, by running this command from the
10    project root directory:
11      cvs status -v -l Makefile
12    Valid tags are usually of the form V2-1-0 for version 2.1.0
13  * Ask cvs for the difference between two versions:
14      cvs diff -r TAG1 -r TAG2 DIFF-OPTIONS
15    for example:
16      cvs diff -r V2-0-0 -r V2-0-1 -u
202.6.6 (2002????)
21  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.6 or newer.
22  File doc/busses/i2c-sis645: add license
23  File doc/chips/lm92: add license, add features
24  File doc/chips/maxilife: add license, add parameters, add features
25  File doc/chips/smartbatt: complete rewrite
26  File doc/chips/vt8231: add license, add parameters
27  Library: Add support for MC1066; add multiple VRM version support for lm87;
28           enhance adm1023 support
29  Makefile: Take kernel source location from /lib/modules/x.x.x/build
30  Module adm1021: Add support for MC1066
31  Module dmi_scan: Rename symbol duplicated in kernel
32  Module gl518sm: Iterate allowed only for rev 0x00
33  Module i2c-amd756: Configure base address for nForce support;
34                     check for uninitialized base address
35  Module i2c-sis630: added support for SiS730
36  Module i2c-sis645: improved support for SiS645/961
37                     added support for SiS645DX/961 and SiS735
38  Module i2c-viapro: VT8233A (new ID 0x3177)
39  Module lm87: Add multiple VRM version support
40  Module w83781d: Fix in0/in1 initialization
41  Module smartbatt: New
42  Program dmidecode: Fix read bug
43  Program lm_sensors.init: remove spaces bug, add green/red output
44  Program mkpatch: Fix dmi_scan module compile
45  Program sensors: Add support for MC1066, Rambus Rimms;
46                   fix w83781d temp3 alarm; fix gl518sm rev 0x00 recognition
47  Program sensors-detect: Add support for MC1066, smart battery
48  Program sensord: (v0.6.2) Add sanity limits to newly-created RRD.
502.6.5 (20020915)
51  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.1 or newer, or kernel 2.4.13 or newer.
52  File Fix temp[23] for as99127f; add vt8231
53  Library: Fix fan3_div writes for w8378* and it87; add vt8231
54  Module dmi_scan: new
55  Module ds1621: Fix enable/disable
56  Module eeprom: Do not corrupt 24RF08's when checksum=1
57  Module i2c-i801: Check for uninitialized base address;
58                   enable if not enabled
59  Module i2c-piix4: Refuse to load on IBM systems to prevent 24RF08 corruption
60  Module i2c-sis630: new
61  Module i2c-sis645: new
62  Module lm92: Fix in-kernel initialization
63  Module via686a: Remove VT8231 support
64  Module vt8231: new
65  Module w83781: recognize Asus "ASB100 Bach" as AS99127F
66  Program dmidecode: new
67  Programs i2cdetect, i2cdump, i2cset, isadump: Now installed by 'make install'
68  Program mkpatch: Add entries for, lm92,
69                   pcf8574, pcf8591, smsc47m1, vt1211;
70                   add dmi_scan
71  Program p4b_smbus: Fix compile for SMP and MODVERSIONS; fix PCI ID problem
72  Program lm_sensors.init: fix stop()
73  Program sensord: (v0.6.1) Add /usr/local/etc to config file path;
74                   add support for logging loadavg in RRD;
75                   fix down-converting raw labels for RRD;
76                   update chip support, still behind sensors
77  Program sensors: Add /usr/local/etc to config file path;
78                   fix -c and -u flags; add vt8231
79  Program sensors-detect: recognize Asus "ASB100 Bach" as AS99127F;
80                          refuse to run on IBM systems;
81                          fix sysconfig module numbering;
82                          change quick write to not corrupt 24RF08's
842.6.4 (20020719)
85  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.1 or newer, or kernel 2.4.13 or newer.
86  File doc/vid: New
87  File include/sensors_vid.h: New
88  File Add vt1211, smsc47m1
89  Library: Add multiple VRM version support for adm1025, w83781d;
90           fix 'flex scanner jammed' on some systems;
91           add vt1211, smsc47m1, lm92;
92           fix access mode checking
93  Makefiles: For 2.4+ kernels, modules now install in
94             kernel/drivers/[i2c,sensors] , not misc/ , and
95             'make install' removes old versions in misc/ .
96             Use $CFLAGS and $CPPFLAGS if defined.
97  Module adm1025: Add multiple VID version support
98  Module ds1307: new
99  Module i2c-amd756: Add nVidia nForce support; fix block read length;
100                     reliability improvements
101  Module i2c-hydra: Flush posted writes
102  Module i2c-i801: Add support for 82801DB (ICH4)
103  Module i2c-i810: Flush posted writes
104  Module i2c-savage4: new
105  Module i2c-viapro: Add support for VT8231 (0x8235), VT8233A (0x3147)
106  Module i2c-voodoo3: Flush posted writes
107  Module ds1307: New
108  Module lm92: New
109  Module smbus-arp: new
110  Module smsc47m1: new
111  Module via686a: Add support for VT8231 sensors
112  Module vt1211: new
113  Module w83781d: Add multiple VID version support; fix temp alarms
114  Program eeprom: new
115  Program i2cdump: Add smbus block command specification, add PEC support
116  Program lm_sensors.init: new
117  Program mkpatch: Add sensors_vid.h, i2c-savage4, lm92,
118                   pcf8574, pcf8591, smsc47m1, vt1211
119  Program p4b_smbus: Add support for ICH4
120  Program rrd: Fix swapped CPU and MB temps in summ_week.cgi
121  Program sensord.init: Renamed, was prog/init/sensors
122  Program sensord: Major update, now requires rrd source;
123                   not compiled by default
124  Program sensors: Recognize DDR SDRAM; add adm1025 VID; add -A
125                   (don't display algo. and adap.) option;
126                   add vt1211, smsc47m1, lm92
127  Program sensors-detect: Add VT8231, VT8233A, several S3 devices;
128                          add 82801DB, LM85; fix perl warnings;
129                          generate /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors for
130                          lm_sensors.init script
1322.6.3 (20020322)
133  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.1 or newer, or kernel 2.4.13 or newer.
134  Chip modules (most): Allow THIS_MODULE definition for kernels 2.2.18+
135  File doc/chips/it87: add more temp_type help
136  File Un-ignore it87 in8, temp3, fan3;
137                        add adm1021 section; add lm87 AIN[1,2] template;
138                        swap negative voltage limits for 782d,783s,627hf,
139                        697hf,it87; add more it87 help; swap neg. voltage
140                        limits for lm78(-j), lm79, w83781d, as99127f
141  Library: Add PCF8591, W83697HF, ADM1023 support;
142           fix w83* fan_min computes;
143           swap neg. voltage limits for lm78(-j), lm79, w83781d, as99127f
144  Module adm1024: Add MODULE_LICENSE("GPL")
145  Module bt869: Add s-video out and DVD resolution support
146  Module eeprom: Add support for locations 128-255; rename /proc entries in hex
147  Module fscscy: implement min/max for voltages and fans
148  Module i2c-amd756: Add support for AMD768
149  Module i2c-i810: Add support for 810E
150  Module i2c-keywest: Big update, sync with kernel 2.4.18
151  Module i2c-piix4: Check for uninitialized base address
152  Module i2c-sis5595: Blacklist 645, 735
153  Module i2c-viapro: Check for uninitialized base address
154  Module gl518sm: Standardize /proc entries in0-3
155  Module lm87: Fix in0, in1, in5 initial limits; ain[1,2] -> in[6,7];
156               fan -> fan1; fix temp2 limit writes
157  Module pcf8574: Add support for PCF8574A; /proc interface changed
158  Module pcf8591: new
159  Module sis5595: Blacklist 645, 735
160  Module w83781d: Add W83697HF support; allow force_subclients parameter
161                  for Tyan 2460
162  Programs, Update for new /proc names
163  Program new
164  Program i2cdump: Add i2c block read capability (requires i2c-2.6.3);
165                   add text output
166  Program init/sensors: New SysV init script
167  Program Add support for fscscy, add more help entries
168  Program p4b_smbus: new
169  Program rrd: Install summ_week.cgi
170  Program sensors: Add PCF8591, W83697HF, ADM1023 support,
171                   clean up chassis intrusion prints
172  Program sensors-detect: Add several Nvidia chips, add PCF8591, add 810E;
173                          fix Via686a and it87 detection;
174                          add AMD768, IPMI-BMC-KCS and -SMIC; add Via 8231;
175                          fix uninitialized values; it87 beats lm78
1772.6.2 (20011118)
178  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.1 or newer, or kernel 2.4.13 or newer.
179  Chip Modules (all): malloc.h -> slab.h
180  Modules (all): Add MODULE_LICENSE("GPL")
181  File doc/FAQ: More updates and additions
182  File Fix it87 in5,in6 (-12,-5) calculations
183  Library: Add fscpos and fscscy support, fix gl520 in4 ID,
184           update it87 alarm ID's.
185  Module fscpos: new (Fujitsu-Siemens Poseidon driver)
186  Module fscscy: new (Fujitsu-Siemens Scylla driver)
187  Module i2c-amd756: Improve busy handling/printk's
188  Module i2c-i801: Add 82801CA/CAM support
189  Module i2c-keywest: Sync with PPC people, it works now
190  Module i2c-piix4: Add Intel 82443MX and SMSC Victory66 support
191  Module i2c-viapro: Add Via VT8233 support
192  Module it87: Merge alarm_* /proc entries to alarms
193  Module sis5595: Fix support for rev B0
194  Module via686a: Make limit initializations reliable
195  Module w83781d: Allow init=0 parameter to bypass initialization
196  Program isadump: Add flat address space (PCI) support
197  Program Add support for i2c-ali1535, adm1024, ds1621,
198                      fscpos, it87, maxilife, mtp008
199  Program sensors: Fix w83781d temp precision
200  Program sensors-detect: Add ALI1535, Via VT8233, it87 (i2c),
201                          Fujitsu Poseidon and Scylla, 
202                          Intel 82443MX and 82801CA/CAM detection,                     
203                          add ITE 8172G detection (driver in kernel 2.4.10)
2052.6.1 (20010830)
206  File BUGS: Updated
207  File doc/FAQ: More updates and additions
208  File doc/chips/adm1021: Claim support for Philips NE1617, NE1617A
209  File Fix/enhance it87 section
210  Library: ds1621 and it87 updates
211  Module i2c-ali15x3: Allow force_addr=0xaddr; enable if not enabled.
212  Module i2c-amd756: Add AMD 766 support
213  Module i2c-i801: Fix 82801BA detection broken by kernel 2.4.6
214  Module i2c-piix4: Add Serverworks CSB5 support
215  Module i2c-sis5595: Recognize unsupported chips and refuse to load
216  Module adm1025: Fixed temp2 min/max writes
217  Module ds1621: Add 12-bit precision mode
218  Module it87: Enable all alarms, add in8 support, add sensor type selection
219  Module sensors: Don't initialize i2c-proc (moved to i2c-core);
220                  remove support for module
221  Module sis5595: Recognize unsupported chips and refuse to load
222  Module w83781d: Fix fan speed for as99127f (broken by 2.6.0)
223  Program eepromer: new
224  Program Fix dependencies on i2c-proc; disallow compilation
225                      of sensors.c as a module in kernel
226  Program sensors: it87 updates; adjust temp. precision for some chips
227  Program sensors-detect: Fix ADM1024 and ADM1025 detection;
228                          recognize unsupported SiS chips;
229                          recognize AMD 766 and Serverworks CSB5.
2312.6.0 (20010612)
232  NOTE: i2c-2.6.0 MUST BE be compiled AND installed first!!!
233        If your make fails because it can't find <linux/i2c-proc.h>, you
234        forgot this step!!!
235  File doc/FAQ: Many, many updates and additions
236  File doc/busses/i2c-sis5595: new
237  File doc/busses/i2c-tsunami: new
238  File doc/chips/it87: new
239  File doc/chips/via686a: Claim support for 686b.
240  File README.thinkpad: new
241  File Adjust as99127f in5 (-12V) and temp2 calculations;
242                        Add lm87, adm9240, ds1780, lm81 templates;
243                        Enhance help comments in file;
244                        Add Tyan S2510 dual-MTP008 example;
245                        Make separate sis5595 section.
246  Include file i2c-isa.h: No longer required, moved to i2c.h in i2c package
247  Include file sensors.h: Most contents moved to i2c-proc.h in i2c package
248  Library: Fix/standardize some lm87 and mtp008 entries; add sis5595 in4;
249           Add support for maxilife-nba and amd1024;
250           Change from sensors_* to i2c_* globals for new i2c-proc.[ch]
251  Chip Modules (all ISA): Remove #include "i2c-isa.h"
252  Chip Modules (all): Change from sensors_* to i2c_* globals
253                      for new i2c-proc.[ch]
254  Makefiles: enhance to support Alpha architecture
255  Module adm1021: Fix lm84 and gl523sm support
256  Module adm1024: new
257  Module i2c-i801: Chip detection cleanup
258  Module i2c-i810: Fixed i2c_i810_init() not found in patched kernel
259  Module i2c-sis5595: Allow force_addr=0xaddr; enable if not enabled.
260  Module i2c-tsunami: New
261  Module i2c-via: Ensure i2c bus is tristated correctly.
262  Module it87: new driver for IT8705, IT8712, Sis950 chips
263  Module lm78: Recognize chipid=0x20
264  Module lm87: Fix in0, in1 (2.5V and Vccp1) calculations
265  Module mtp008: Fix temp initializations;
266                 Save BIOS pin configuration of temps and fans;
267                 Fix sensor type reads/writes and fan min writes;
268                 Fix spurious invalid sensor type messages
269  Module sensors: Disabled, moved to i2c package as i2c-proc.c; only
270                  used for patched kernel now.
271                  Add xxx_init() calls for drivers added to mkpatch in 2.5.5.
272  Module sis5595: Fix temp, add in4 for chip revision 0xc0;
273                  Allow force_addr=0xaddr
274  Module via686a: Allow force_addr=0xaddr (for A7V/K7V boards)
275  Module w83781d: Don't reinitialize as99127f chip; this may cause fan/temp
276                  reading changes; Add messages for subclient
277                  registration failure
278  Programs i2cdetect, i2cdump: add devfs /dev/i2c/x support
279  Program i2cset: new
280  Program isadump: fix for Alpha arch. compiles
281  Program Fix adm9240 typos; Add more chips to;
282                      Remove ltc1710; Fix i2c_sis5595 typo;
283                      Support kernel 2.4.5 makefile change;
284                      Add i2c-tsunami; fixed i2c-voodoo3 configuration
285  Program sens_update_rrd: new
286  Program sensord: Add -d (debug) and -p (pid-file) options
287  Program sensors: Change reported version from 1.3 to the lm_sensors version;
288                   Fix swapped limit and hysteresis on 9240, 5595, 686a;
289                   Change mtp008 temps from max/min to limit/hyst;
290                   Add maxilife-nba, adm1024, it87 support.
291  Program sensors-detect: Recognize lm78 with chipid=0x20;
292                          Recognize SMSC Victory66 South Bridge;
293                          Add devfs /dev/i2c/x support;
294                          Add adm1024, it87xx support; Add thinkpad warning.
295  Program tellerstats: new
2972.5.5 (20010115)
298  NOTE: i2c-2.5.5 MUST BE be compiled and installed first, UNLESS
299        you have kernel 2.4.0-prerelease or greater.
300  Chip modules (all): Update mutex definition (works now for new 2.2 kernels)
301  File doc/developers/proc: new
302  File Add mtp008 entries, adm1025 entries
303  Library: Add ds1621, mtp008 support
304  Module adm1021: Add support for adm1021a / adm1023
305  Modules adm1021, thmc50: Rename /proc entries to temp[1-2]
306  Module adm1025: Add support for remote temp; rename /proc entries to
307                  in[0-5] and temp[1-2]; fix negative temp readings
308  Module adm9240: Rename /proc entries to in[0-5]
309  Module ddcmon: allow force and force_ddcmon parameters
310  Module ds1621: new
311  Module i2c-ali1535: Enhance error checking and recovery; add mutex
312  Module i2c-i810: Add "dummy write" before reads per Intel prog. ref.
313  Module i2c-piix4: add support for ServerWorks southbridge OSB4
314  Module lm87: cleanup, update voltage calculations
315  Module mtp008: new
316  Module pcf8574: change update time to 5 seconds
317  Modules sis5595, i2c-sis5595: Check for uninitialized base addresses
318  Module w83781d: fix beep setting via /proc
319  Programs editticket, readticket: new
320  Program only works with 2.2 and 2.4 kernels; 2.3 support removed
321  Program more fixes; now adds many more modules
322  Program sensors: Add ds1621, mtp008 support; add -f (Fahrenheit) option;
323                   add adm1025 temp2; report temp limits correctly as
324                   min/max or limit/hysteresis; print message if no
325                   sensors are found. Removed false errors from lm87 reads.
326  Program sensors-detect: Add ds1621, mtp008 detection;
327                          add ServerWorks detection
3292.5.4 (20001012)
330  Module i2c-viapro: Add support for Via 596B (0x3051)
331  Program m7101: moved to CVS tree, updated for 2.4.0 kernels
332  Program fixed infinite loop
333  Program sensors-detect: Detect Via 596B (0x3051)
3352.5.3 (20001008)
336  NOTE: i2c 2.5.3 MUST BE be compiled and installed first.
337  File useful_addresses.html: update
338  Library: Add lm87 support
339  Module pcf8574: new
340  Module i2c-ali1535: new
341  Module i2c-ali15x3: removed force #ifdef.
342  Module i2c-i801: support Intel 82801BA (815E chipset)
343  Module i2c-i801: add i2c block write support, fix smbus block bugs
344                   (requires i2c 2.5.3 package)
345  Module i2c-i810: support Intel 82815
346  Module lm87: new
347  Module sensors: Fix for kernel 2.4.0-test8
348                  (remove copy_to_user_ret and put_user_ret)
349  Module w83781d: limit fan divisors to 8 max. for as99127f
350  Program decode-dimms: Add html output option, update for SPD spec 1.2B.
351  Program i2cdump: Add smbus block read support
352  Programs i2cdetect, i2cdump: Improve error reporting
353  Program sensors: new switch -u (--unknown)
354  Program sensors-detect: detect Intel 82801BA (815E chipset)
355  Program sensors-detect: detect Intel 82815
356  Program sensors-detect: detect ITE IT8705F / IT8712F (no driver yet)
357  Program sensors-detect: detect National LM87
358  Program sensors-detect: detect nVidia devices supported by i2c-riva.o
359  Program sensors-detect: Improve error reporting
3612.5.2 (20000709)
362  File Fix lm80 in8 calculation
363  Module w83781d: W83783S no longer crashes on unloading
364  Program sensors-detect: more robustness in case of unknown i2c adapters
365  Program sensors-detect, libsensors: fix eeprom size reporting
366  Program sensord: more flexibility, support for alarm scanning etc.
367  Program sensors: support for ignore setting on sensor alarms.
368  Programs: understand /dev/i2c* files (instead of /dev/i2c-*) too.
3702.5.1 (20000618)
371  Library: Add adm1025 support
372  Module adm1025: new
373  Module ddcmon: Fixed bus scan which could hang SMBus
374  Module i2c-keywest: new
375  Module maxilife: Add support for Maxilife '99 (NBA)
376  Module via686a: Enable sensors if not enabled by BIOS
377  Module w83781d: Improve w83783s support, w83627hf always has 2 pwm
378  Module w83781d: Fix sensor2&3 selection, enable VBAT (in8) monitoring
379  Module w83781d: Remove as99127f entries for in7-8, pwm3-4, sensor1-3
380  Module w83781d: Fis as99127f fan speed (was 66% too high)
381  Module w83781d: Improve beep input checking
382  Program i2cdump: Add Winbond-style bank selection
383  Program isadump: Add Winbond-style bank selection
384  Program sensors: Add adm1025 support.
385  Program sensors: Remove some as99127f entries, fix as99127 "(beep)"
386  Program sensors-detect: Fix i801 detection, add adm1025 driver entry
387  File Add Maxilife '99 entries
388  File Remove some as99127f entries.
389    Note: For as99127f, reinstall manually (make install
390          won't reinstall it) or else 'sensors -s' will fail.
3922.5.0 (20000312)
393  Dropped all kernel 2.0 and 2.1 compatibility
394  Module i2c-i810: new
395  Module ddcmon: new
396  Module via686a: new
397  Module i2c-amd756: fixed region request
398  Module i2c-voodoo3: Converted to use i2c-algo-bit layer
399  Module w83781d: Don't change pin settings at initialization;
400                  also fix chip detection.
401  Library: Support for ddcmon and via686a
402  Program sensors-detect: Support for ddcmon and via686a
403  Program sensors: Support for eeprom, ddcmon and via686a
4052.4.5 (20000116)
406  Introduced DESTDIR installation prefix
407  Module lm80: fixes, temperature now read and set correctly
408  Module i2c-voodoo3: driver enhancements
409  Module w83781d: fixes, AS99127 works much better now
410  Library: New ignore keyword in config file
411  Programs: Support for new ignore keyword
412  Program sensors-detect: Support for MGA detections
4142.4.4 (19991201)
415  Addition of the alpha release of AMD 756 SMBus host support.
416  Many fixes and updates to the gl518sm driver
417  Updates and fixes for device detection
4192.4.0 (19990920)
420  Too much to list.
421  i2c and smbus parts are split off to a separate i2c package.
422  New drivers and other stuff.
4242.3.4 (19990616)
425  Module matorb: driver for Matrix-Orbital Displays (small LCD and VFDs)
426  All: Now compiles against kernel 2.0.x (again ;)
427  Module gl518sm: some updates and refinements
4292.3.3 (19990603)
430  All: Now compiles against kernel 2.3.x (x >= 1)
431  Module i2c-voodoo3: Timing issue fixes
432  Module bt869: Seems to be functional and relatively well tested
433  Many modules were modified to be more compatible with the new
434   Mutex structure in the new experimental kernels.
4362.3.2 (19990507)
437  Module i2c-hydra: Now compiles on 2.0.x kernels
438  Module i2c-lm75: Slightly better detection
439  * New, but not compiled by default:
440  Module i2c-voodoo3: beginning of Voodoo3 I2C bus driver
441  Module bt869: Beginning of BT869 (PAL/NTSC video converter) driver
4432.3.1 (19990501)
444  All: Now compiles on PPC
445  Module i2c-hydra: NEW
446  Module i2c-proc: Buffer overflow removed: `less /proc/bus-i2c-0' now works
447  Module w83781d: Removed deadlock (mutex was not initialized)
448  Documentation: A few glitches removed
449  Makefile: default module installation directory is now
450            /lib/modules/current/extra/misc
451  Program sensors-detect: PPC Hydra now detected
452  Program sensors: Now prints complete GL518SM information
453  Program sensors: SIS5595, ADM1021, MAX1617(A), ADM9240, DS1780 added
4552.3.0 (19990422)
456  All: Many, many changes and improvements
457  All: Many small bugs and problems removed
458  Modules: New insmod parameters
459  Modules: Much improved chip detection
460  Module maxilife: NEW
461  Module adm1021: MAX1617A now also supported
462  Module adm9240: DS1780 now also supported
463  Module w83781d: W83782D and W83783S now also supported
464  Program sensors-detect: NEW
465  Library: All chips now supported
466  Documentation: Very much improved
4682.2.2 (199903??)
469  Just some minor updates and bug fixes.
4712.2.1 (19990218)
472  All: Removed compile warnings
473  Module i2c-dev: Small bug removed if DEBUG=1 was used
474  Module sis5595: Now compiles for 2.0 kernels
475  Module adm1021: Detection corrected
4772.2.0 (19990216)
478  All: Set copyrights to include 1999
479  All: Small bugfixes
480  I2C: Upgraded to newest archive of Simon Vogl
481  Module i2c-dev: NEW
482  Module i2c-ali15x3: NEW
483  Module i2c-via: This is old module bit-mb, now moved to the main lm_sensors
484     directories, and somewhat improved
485  Module sis5595: NEW
486  Modules: Renamed all bus modules to i2c-*, new directory lay-out
487  Library: Support for new chip drivers, several small bugs fixed
488  Library manual pages: NEW
489  Program i2cdetect: Moved to detect directory
490  Program NEW
491  Program doc-features: NEW
492  Program sensors: Added man-page
493  Document BUGS: Added cdrom bug and kernel i2c conflict
4952.1.2 (19990116)
496  Modules lm80.o, w83781d.o: fan-related Segmentation fault corrected
497  Module gl518sm.o: yet more bug fixes. It should at long last be usable now
498  Documentation in doc/kernel: NEW
5002.1.1 (19990107)
501  Module i2c-proc.o: Hack to make /proc/bus/ possible for kernels 2.0.35
502                     and older
503  Module gl518sm.o: Miscelaneous bugs and problems solved
504  Program isadump: NEW
5062.1.0 (19981230)
507  Library: Completely NEW
508  Program sensors: NEW
509  Program grab_busses: NEW
510  Program decode-dimms: More information
511  Module bit-mb.o: Removed spurious semicolon; now runs on more VIA chipsets
512  Module w83781d.o: NEW
513  Module lm80.o: NEW
514  Module gl518sm.o: new procfile beep, several small updates
515  Modules: Now use pin readings, no more scaling within the kernel (use the
516           library instead)
5182.0.2 (19981214)
519  Module eeprom.o: NEW
520  Program decode-dimms: NEW
521  Modules: fill_inode fix, will stop segfaults on unloading in kernels after
522           2.1.58
523  Modules: Somewhat less verbose on transfers
524  Module lm78.o now recognizes and handles lm78-j and lm79
5262.0.1 (1998121?)
527  Module gl518sm.o updates, to make it actually work
528  Module lm75.o high/low-byte swapping write bug fixed
5302.0.0 (19981209)
531  Initial release
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