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1lm_sensors CHANGES file
3This is a list of the most important changes in 2.x versions. It is by
4no means complete, listing only the most significant changes.
5The ultimate way to know what has changed is to run diff, or even neater,
6ask CVS about it:
8  * Checkout the archive (see doc/cvs for how you can do this)
9  * Determine which tags are valid, by running this command from the
10    project root directory:
11      cvs status -v -l Makefile
12    Valid tags are usually of the form V2-1-0 for version 2.1.0
13  * Ask cvs for the difference between two versions:
14      cvs diff -r TAG1 -r TAG2 DIFF-OPTIONS
15    for example:
16      cvs diff -r V2-0-0 -r V2-0-1 -u
202.9.1 (2005????)
21  File doc/chips/mic74: New
22  Library: Add support for 2.6 fscpos driver (Stefan Ott)
23           Fix sis5595 in4 (Aurelien Jarno)
24           Add support for 2.6 gl520sm driver (Maarten Deprez)
25           Add support for 2.6 bmcsensors driver (Yani Ioannou)
26  Man pages pwmconfig, fancontrol: New (Aurelien Jarno)
27  Module bmcsensors: Fix compile error
28  Module ds1621: Fix detection (Aurelien Jarno)
29  Module eeprom: Discard SPD-centric checksum module parameter
30                 Cleanup detection function (backport from Linux 2.6)
31  Module i2c-i801: Temporarily disable broken I2C block read
32  Module i2c-ipmi: Fix bogus return in a middle of a function (Sergio
33                   Gelato)
34  Module it87: Improve Super-I/O detection
35               Limit I2C address range
36               Support VID on the IT8712F
37  Module lm90: Fix MAX6657, MAX6658 and MAX6659 detection
38  Module mic74: New
39  Module w83781d: Revert AS99127F temp2 and temp3 computation change
40                  Skip final initialization step for AS99127F chips
41  Module w83627hf: Support secondary Super-I/O address
42                   Enable temp2 and temp3 if they are disabled
43  Program ddcmon: New; user-space replacement for the ddcmon driver
44  Program eeprog: Fix missing first char in ascii mode (J. A. McMahan Jr.)
45  Program isadump: Handle Super-I/O keys
46  Program lm_sensors.init: Cleanups (Axel Thimm)
47  Program mkpatch: Add adm1031, fscher, lm63, lm93 and max1619
48  Program pwmconfig: Secure the creation of temporary files (Aurelien Jarno)
49                     Don't complain about read-only enable files (lm85)
50  Program sensord: Fix erroneous error message (Aurelien Jarno)
51                   Support sis5595 in4 (Aurelien Jarno)
52                   Support w83627thf.
53  Program sensors: Display sis5595 in4 (Aurelien Jarno)
54                   No errors on missing pc87360 fans
55                   Add gl520sm support (Maarten Deprez)
56                   Improve vt1211 error/ignore handling (Michael Carland)
57  Program sensors-detect: Fix MAX6657, MAX6658 and MAX6659 detection
58                          Improve IT8705F and IT8712F detection
59                          Improve udev detection
60                          Fix DS1621 detection
61                          Add W83627EHF detection
62                          Add ATI SMBus detection
642.9.0 (20041228)
65  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.9.0 or newer!
66  File README.thinkpad: Update
67  File doc/chips/it87: Cleanups
68  File doc/chips/lm63: New
69  File etc/ Set via686a voltage limits
70  File kernel/chips/ Resync module list with mkpatch
71  File kernel/include/sensors_compat.h: Define __devexit_p if missing
72                                        (kernels 2.4.16 and older)
73  Modules (all bus drivers): Remove owner from i2c_adapter; restore inc_use
74                             and dec_use removed in release 2.8.0
75  Modules (all chip drivers): Remove owner from i2c_driver; pass
76                              controlling_mod to i2c_register_entry() again
77  Module bmcsensors: Support function 1/x
78  Module i2c-amd756: Display the real bus name
79  Module i2c-amd756-s4882: New; SMBus multiplexing on the Tyan S4882
80  Module i2c-i801: Support i2c block read (ICH5 and higher)
81                   Add PEC support for ICH6
82                   Add support for ICH7
83  Module i2c-ipmb: Remove from build since it doesn't work
84  Module i2c-nforce2: Support the nForce3 (Pro150 and 250Gb)
85  Module icspll: Fix compilation
86  Module lm63: New driver for the National Semiconductor LM63
87  Module lm83: Use signed types for temperatures
88               Check limits on register writes
89  Module lm87: Round voltages properly
90               Retry on read errors (David Knierim)
91               Less agressive init (no reset)
92  Module lm90: Use signed types for temperatures
93               Check limits on register writes
94  Module lm93: Added module parameter for VID pin input thresholds.
95               Fix typo in dynamic VID alarms
96               Adds a couple log messages for failed transactions (David
97               Knierim)
98               Fix compilation breaking C99-ism (Axel Thimm)
99               Fix block read retries
100  Module pc87360: Support secondary Super-I/O address
101  Module smsc47m1: Add support for 47M15x and 47M192 (fans only)
102  Library: Add lm63 support
103           Add lpc47b397 support
104  Programs *.init: Rename lockfile to match file name
105  Programs i2cset, isaset: Written byte/word can be masked
106  Program Find eeproms on non-0 i2c bus too
107  Program mkpatch: Include i2c-amd756-s4882
108  Program pwmconfig: Handle new (well, back to old) pwm files names for
109                     Linux 2.6.10 and up
110  Program sensord: Do not scale load average (Aurelien Jarno)
111  Program sensors: Add lm63, lpc47b397 support
112                   Support DDR2 memory module EEPROMs (Rudolf Marek)
113                   Support only one location for the default configuration file
114                   Display the default configuration file location in --help
115                   Simplify the configuration file opening code
116  Program sensors-detect: Improve LM63 detection
117                          Discard IBM Thinkpad detection code
118                          Add PCA9556, LPC47B397, ICH7 detection
119                          Fix W83792D detection, add W83791SD detection
1222.8.8 (20041007)
123  File doc/donations: Update
124  File doc/lm_sensors-FAQ.texi: Add 4.6.1
125                                Update 4.7
126  File doc/chips/gl518sm: Update "iterate" info
127  File doc/chips/it87: Discard outdated module parameters
128  File doc/chips/lm75: LM77 is not supported
129  File doc/chips/lm90: LM86, MAX6657 and MAX6658 are supported
130  File doc/chips/lm93: New
131  File doc/chips/w83l785ts: Improvements
132  File etc/ Fix it87 lines order
133                            Update lm87 section
134  File kernel/include/sensors_vid.h: Support VRM 10.0
135  Library: Support 2.6 adm1025
136           Preliminary support for 2.6 lm87
137           Support 2.6 adm9240
138           Allow an alternative sysfs file name for chip features (2.6)
139           Fix lm83 critical limits (2.6)
140           Add lm93 support
141           Prevent some procfs errors from being silently ignored
142  Makefiles: Implement user_uninstall (Rudolf Marek)
143             Spoof LOGNAME and HOSTNAME when making html man pages
144  Module adm1025: Refine detection
145                  Update limit registers again (revert of 2.8.1)
146                  Init high limits if they read 0
147                  Fix conversions
148  Module lm75: Refine detection
149  Module lm78: Fix init
150  Module lm83: Default to kind lm83 if forced.
151               Fix temperature macros.
152  Module lm90: Add LM86, MAX6657 and MAX6658 support
153  Module lm93: New
154  Module mtp008: Fix the setting of limits on temp2
155  Module pca9540: Refine detection
156  Module pc87360: Change voltage/thermistor magnitude from 2 to 3
157                  Support VID
158                  Fix fan_div file when fan count is less than 3
159                  Additional init and debug
160  Module smsc47m1: Fix pwm_enable being inverted
161  Module w83627hf: Add alternate VCORE/in0 calculation method
162                   Remove reset of chip by driver on initialization
163  Module w83781d: Fix default VRM for w83791d
164  Module w83l785ts: Implement read error handling (backport from 2.6)
165  Programs i2cset, i2cdump, i2cdetect, isaset, isadump:
166                    Wait for user input to continue (as opposed to 5 sec
167                    delay), can be skipped with -y
168                    Various cleanups and code refactoring
169                    Update manual pages
170  Program fancontrol.init: New (Dean Takemori)
171  Program Restore fans on many kinds of errors/interrupts
172  Program lm_sensors.init: Support 2.6 kernels and sensors in /usr/bin
173                           (Giuseppe Della Bianca)
174  Program Detect devfs and refuse to run
175                    Use mknod's mode instead of chmod
176  Program mkpatch: Include xeontemp and pc87360
177  Program sensors: Rework adm1025 support
178                   Display pc87365/pc87366 VID
179                   Improve smsc47m1 support
180                   Hide 2.6 adm1027 alarm_mask being missing
181                   Print VRM version for all supported chips
182  Program sensors-detect: Support LM93, LM77, LM63
183                          Support PC8739x Super-I/O family (no sensors)
184                          Fix PCA9540 support
185                          Refine ADM1025/ADM1025A detection
186                          Refine LM75 detection
187                          Ignore missing /proc/modules (Andras Bali)
188                          Script-wide Perl cleanups
189                          Support udev
190                          Support W83792D, LM96000
1932.8.7 (20040611)
194  File README.thinkpad: Update 24RF08 status
195  File doc/fan-divisors: More info on accuracy
196  File doc/lm_sensors-FAQ.texi: Update 4.27
197  File doc/chips/adm1031: New
198  File doc/chips/max1619: New
199  File doc/chips/pc87360-fan: Renamed to pc87360
200  File doc/chips/pc87360: Big update
201  File doc/chips/w83781d: Update AS99127F documentation
202  File etc/ Add comments about BP6 voltages
203                            Add comment on Asus A7V8X-X VCore
204                            Misc fixes to lm80 section
205                            Update via686a section
206                            New lm99 section
207                            Add section for LM85-like chips
208                            Preliminary pc87366 section
209                            Add comment on GL520SM application modes
210                            Document beep_enable (Aurelien Jarno)
211                            Preliminary max1619 section
212                            Preliminary adm1030 and adm1031 sections
213  Library: Fix 2.6 VRM
214           Fix 2.6 hyst temp for 2.6 (lm75, lm78 and gl518sm)
215           Fully support the PC87360 family
216           Support the lm99
217           Add version and date strings
218           Support 2.6 max1619
219  Makefile: Do not run depmod on staged installs (Peter Breitenlohner)
220  Man page i2cdetect.8: document new command line flags
221  Man page i2cdump.8: More details on how i2cdump can write to a chip
222  Modules (all chip drivers): Rework memory allocation scheme.
223  Module adm1031: New (Alexandre d'Alton)
224  Module bmcsensors: Fix oops by creating thread for initialization
225  Modules dmi_scan, i2c-piix4: Move IBM detection into dmi_scan
226  Modules w83781d.c, smartbatt.c, lm75.c, gl520sm.c, gl518sm.c, ds1621.c,
227          asb100.c, lm92.c: Use swab16
228  Modules eeprom, ddcmon: Unconditional prevention of 24RF08 corruption
229  Module gl520sm: Less agressive initialization process
230                  Fix temp1 limits being unsettable in application
231                  Ensure that temp2 and in4 are not used at the same time
232  Module i2c-i801: Support 6300ESB and ICH6
233  Module i2c-piix4: Don't blacklist IBM with Serverworks chip
234  Module i2c-sis645: Add support for SiS655
235  Module it87: Discard non-standard Super-I/O exit sequence (Bjorn Mork)
236  Module lm90: Support LM99 and LM89
237  Module lm92: Support MAX6633, MAX6634, MAX6635 and LM76
238               Get rid of useless i2c_probe call
239  Module max1619: New (Alexey Fisher)
240  Module p4b_smbus: Add support for mobile versions of the 82801
241                    (Axel Thimm)
242  Module pc87360-fan: Renamed to pc87360
243  Module pc87360: Also support PC87365 and PC87366
244                  Add write support
245                  Correctly set the chip name depending on the type
246                  Add voltage and temperature support
247                  Fix fan speed computation
248                  Retrieve fans configuration from Super-I/O space
249                  Export pwm_enable (read-only)
250                  Honor pwm invert bits
251                  Clear fan alarms after we read them
252                  Do not read fan data when monitoring is disabled
253                  Do not include SENSORS_INSMOD stuff
254                  New module parameter: init
255                  Fan clock dividers change automatically
256                  Add thermistor dupport
257  Module smsc47m1: Lock on reads and writes
258                   Various PWM fixes
259  Module thmc50: Fix address range
260  Module via686a: Fix voltage roundings
261                  Simplify temperature conversions
262  Module w83781d: Drop PWM support for as99127f
263                  Invert AS99127F beep bits in driver rather than user-space
264  Programs pwmconfig, fancontrol: Switch to new sysfs naming scheme
265  Program fancontrol: restore fans on TERM and KILL (Stephen Kitt)
266  Program New
267  Program i2cdetect: Adapt probing method to address
268                     Add -q and -r flags to force probing methods
269                     Allow probing range selection
270  Program isadump: Major improvements
271  Program isaset: New
272  Program mkpatch: Patch dmi_scan.c in kernel instead of adding our own
273                   module
274                   Include i2c-nforce2
275  Program sensord: New --rrd-no-average parameter
276                   Syncronize time slots with rrd
277                   Fix W83781D temp3 alarm (Aurelien Jarno)
278                   Add ASB100 support (Andrew May)
279  Program sensors: Fully support the PC87360 family
280                   Fix lm80 temperature alarms
281                   Support the lm99
282                   Do not invert AS99127F beep bits anymore
283                   Fix W83781D temp3 alarm (Aurelien Jarno)
284                   Print library version string
285  Program sensors-detect: Rework Super I/O detection
286                          Support SiS655/SiS96x
287                          Support ADT7461 and ADT7467
288                          Better support for ADM1027, ADT7460 and ADT7463
289                          Explicitly support ADM1028
290                          Scan all logical devices of PC87365 and PC87366
291                          Detect LM92, LM76, MAX6633, MAX6634, MAX6635
292                          Detect eeproms with software write protect (not
293                          enabled by default)
294                          Support ALi 1563 (2.6 only)
295                          Drop LTC1710 support
296                          Use byte reads for probing on ranges 0x30-0x37 and
297                          0x50-0x5F
298                          Improve LM89 and LM99 support
299                          Support GeForce FX 5900 video cards
300                          Fix devfs misdetection (Aurelien Jarno)
301                          Detect 6300ESB, ICH6
302                          Fix double detection of ISA chips
303                          Support MAX1619
304                          Support PC87373 Super-I/O
305                          Fix unknown adapters appearing multiple times
306                          Refine MAX6650/MAX6651 detection
3092.8.6 (20040405)
310  File README.thinkpad: Update status
311  File doc/chips/pca9540: New
312  File doc/chips/pc87360-fan: New
313  File etc/ Update pcf8591 default configuration
314  Library: Switch to new sysfs naming standard
315           Fix gcc 3.3 warnings (Philipp Thomas)
316           Support 2.6 ds1621 and pcf8591
317           Change pcf8591 magnitudes
318           Support pc87360-fan
319  Makefile: Install shared library 755
320  Man pages i2cdump.8, i2cset.8, isadump.8: New (Debian team)
321  Man pages i2cdetect.8, sensors-detect.8: New (Debian team)
322  Modules ds1621, pcf8591: Check for capabilities before using them
323                           (Aurelien Jarno)
324  Modules pcf8574, pcf8591: Cleanups
325  Modules ddcmon, eeprom: Fix bogus init (Ralf Roesch)
326  Module adm1021: Better detection and initialization
327  Module pca9540: New driver for the Philips PCA9540
328  Module pc87360-fan: New driver for the National Semiconductor PC87360,
329                      PC87363 and PC87364 Super I/O chips
330  Module smsc47m1: Support the LPC47B27x
331  Programs i2cdetect, i2cdump, i2cset: Fix incorrect bus names if possible
332  Program i2cdetect: Skip special addresses by default
333  Program sensord: Prevent null pointer dereference (Tim Toohey)
334  Program sensors: Print the degree symbol in the terminal's current locale
335                   (Aurelien Jarno)
336                   Update pcf8591 print to support 2.6 driver
337                   Support pc87360-fan
338  Program sensors-detect: Support Maxim MAX6900, ALi M5879, Philips PCA9540
339                          Improved SiS chips support
340                          Add a white list of IBM systems
341                          Drop support of undetectable adapters
342                          Fix smart battery detection
343                          Add smart battery charger and manager detection
344                          Rework adm1021 and clones detection
345                          The PC87360, PC87363 and PC87364 Super I/O chips
346                          now have a (preliminary) driver
347                          Rework Super I/O detection
348                          Better support of devfs
349  Program New
3522.8.5 (20040305)
353  File doc/chips/SUMMARY: Update
354  File etc/ Epox 8K3A tweaks. (Kronos)
355  Makefiles hotplug and rrd: Remove -o and -g arguments to install
356  Module bmcsensors: Increase max SDRs to 100
357  Module fscher: Rename fanN_min to pwmN (Reinhard Nissl)
358  Module i2c-amd756: Don't register driver to avoid driver conflicts.
359                     (Daniel Rune Jensen)
360  Module it87: Better temperature sensor types handling (Takeru Komoriya)
361               Fix reset=1 (Takeru Komoriya)
362  Module lm80: Code cleanups
363  Module vt1211: Fix bitmask in uch_config read and write; remove in6 and temp1
364  Module vt8231: Fix bitmask in uch_config read and write; remove in6 and temp1
365  Module w83627hf: Add w83637hf support
366                   Fix exported name
367                   Fix PWM in w83627thf
368                   Preserve other bits when forcing temp2/3 to comparator mode
369  Module w83781d: Preserve other bits when forcing temp2/3 to comparator mode
370                  Remove asb100 support
371  Modules asb100, fscher, lm90, max6650, w83l785ts, xeontemp:
372          Define driver ID if i2c-id.h doesn't have it yet.
373  Modules i2c-ali1535, i2c-hydra, i2c-i801, i2c-sis5595:
374          Backport oops fix from Linux 2.6.
375  Modules (all chips): Get rid of useless headers
376  Program Add sysfs support
377  Program sensors: Add w83637hf support
378                   Add support for Shuttle Ethernet EEPROMs
379                   Drop 2.6 subclient detection
380  Program sensors-detect: Add heuristics to the LM80 detection function
381                          Add support for W83L785R, improve W83L784R/AR
382                          Add GeForce FX 5600 as supported by rivatv
383                          More Super IO chips, better handling
384  Library: Update to match renames in fscher
385           Reverse temporary changes to w83l785ts mappings
386           Fix vt1211 and vt8231 uch_config not being writable
387           Add 2.6 lm80 support
388           Add w83637hf support
389           Remove in6 and temp1 from vt1211 and vt8231
390           Add support for Shuttle Ethernet EEPROMs
391           Remove unused as99127f features
3942.8.4 (20040207)
395  File doc/lm_sensors-FAQ.texi: Update 4.20.
396  File doc/chips/it87: Change hyst to low
397  File doc/chips/w83l785ts: New
398  File etc/ Change it87 hyst to low
399                            Fix w83697hf supposed to have temp3
400                            Limits initialization for adm1025/ne1619
401                            Handle fscher voltage conversions
402                            Add Tyan Trinity S2495 KT400 setup (Eric
403                              Schumann)
404                            Fix fscher fan labels (Reinhard Nissl)
405  Library: Better 2.6 eeprom support
406           Change it87 hyst to low
407           Add 2.6 gl518sm, fscher support
408           Fix 2.6 negative voltages handling
409           Temporary fix to w83l785ts mappings
410  Module adm1025: Separate prefix for NE1619
411  Module adm1026: Remove use of temporary ID
412                  Define addresses as a range
413  Module bmcsensors: Fix reservations
414  Module fscher: Externalize voltage conversions
415  Module eeprom: Remove memtype
416  Module i2c-piix4: Fix resource release error
417                    Various cleanups
418  Program Add sysfs support
419  Program mkpatch: Add max6650, lm83, lm90, asb100 and w83l785ts
420                   Drop linux 2.2 support
421                   Add w83627hf
422  Program sensors: Do not show algorithm by default
423                   Cleanup temperature unit display code
424                   Cleanup label spacing code
425                   Fix output to UTF-8 terms (Marcel Sebek)
426                   Simplify gl518sm print
427                   Do not ignore errors in FSC chips prints
428                   Fix w83l785ts print
429                   Cleanup FSC chips prints
430  Program sensors-detect: Fix PATH issues
431                          Correctly point to the fscher driver
4342.8.3 (20040115)
435  File lm_sensors.spec: Update
436  Library: Add 2.6 eeprom, lm90 support
437           Fix 2.6 temp_hystX for 2.6.1-rc1 and later
438  Makefile: Update Alpha CMODFLAGS (Daniel Nilsson)
439  Makefiles: Remove -o and -g arguments to install; add DESTDIR where missing
440  Module i2c-amd756: Fix byte writes
441  Module i2c-tsunami: Cleanups (Daniel Nilsson)
442  Module it87: Fix sg_tlx writes; fix sensor type reporting;
443               add 8712 Super I/O detection;
444               remove initialization of temp_type and fan_ctl;
445               remove init and temp_type module parameters
446  Module lm90: Handle hysteresis differently
447  Module smartbatt: Fix detection, magnitudes, temp
448  Module w83781d: Fix negative voltages
449  Module w83l785ts: New
450  Program eeprog: Make 8 bit mode the default
451  Program fancontrol: Improvements, fixes, support 2.6 kernels
452  Program mkpatch: Add lm75.h
453  Program pwmconfig: Improvements, fixes, support 2.6 kernels
454  Program sensors: Add ASB100 support
455  Program sensors-detect: Add 8712 Super I/O detection;
456                          add W83L785TS detection
4592.8.2 (20031211)
460  IMPORTANT: Limit initialization removed from all chip drivers!
461             If you didn't run 'sensors -s' in the past you may need to now!
462  File Change lm75 scaling back to 1;
463                        Add example for asb100
464  Library: Fix bmcsensors scaling, increase number of sensors;
465           Add w83627thf support; Advance version to 3.0.0;
466           Add hermes, ADM1032, ASB100 support;
467           Add it87 sensor type support;
468           Add sysfs support for kernel 2.6;
469           Fix memory leaks
470  Makefiles: Install fancontrol, pwmconfig, decode-*.pl;
471             Fail if no kernel .config file exists;
472             Don't build module dependencies for user and user_install
473  Modules adm1021, adm1024, adm1025, adm9240, ds1621, gl518sm, gl520sm,
474          it87, lm75, lm78, lm80, lm83, lm87, lm90, mtp008, sis5595,
475          smsc47m1, thmc50, via686a, w83627hf, w83781d:
476          Remove initialization of limits by driver.
477  Modules it87, lm78, mtp008, sis5595, w83627hf: Fix IN_FROM_REG rounding
478  Modules (chip): Init cleanups
479  Module asb100: New
480  Module bmcsensors: Fix voltage scaling, voltage and fan limits
481  Modules ddcmon, eeprom: Add failure printks
482  Module fscher: New (Fujitsu-Siemens Hermes driver)
483  Module i2c-amd756: Fix AMD8111 support
484  Module i2c-amd8111: Fix byte writes
485  Module i2c-nforce2: Fix byte writes
486  Module i2c-piix4: Add support for CSB6; add fix_hstcfg option
487  Module i2c-sis630: Sync with 2.6.0-X driver version
488  Module i2c-viapro: Add support for Via 8237
489  Module it87: Add pwm and "smart guardian" support;
490               add it87 sensor type support
491  Module lm75: Fix negative voltages
492  Module lm90: Add ADM1032 support
493  Module w83781d: Fix 791d and 627hf detection
494  Module w83627hf: Add VID support
495  Program dmidecode: Remove (sensors-detect doesn't need it anymore)
496  Program eeprog: New
497  Programs i2cdetect, i2cdump, i2cset: add -v (version) option;
498                                       support sysfs for i2c bus search
499  Program i2cdetect: Add -l option to list busses
500  Program i2cdump: Add 'c' mode for consective address reads
501  Program mkpatch: Cleanups
502  Program pwmconfig: Handle multiple fans controlled by a single pwm
503  Program sensord: Remove ddcmon support
504  Program sensors: Add ADM1032 support; add messages for sysfs
505  Program sensors-detect: Prefer Super I/O drivers;
506                          Fix W83627HF and W83791D detection; detect CSB6;
507                          Detect ADM1029, ADM1030, ADM1031;
508                          Detect W83637HF, W83697UF;
509                          Add it87 sensor type support; add sysfs support
510                          Reduce lm80 misdetects; remove PCFxxxx "detection"
511                          Detect VT8237 (KT600)
512                          Use VPD instead of DMI+ACPI for Thinkpad detection
513                          Suggest new asb100 driver instead of w83781d
5162.8.1 (20031005)
517  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.8.1 or newer!
518  File Improved adm1025 section
519                        Default temp labels for as99127f
520                        Improved lm83 section
521                        Better support for Asus A7V8X-X
522  File doc/chips/SUMMARY: Add SMSC manufacturer ID
523  File doc/chips/adm1025: Add decent documentation (almost new)
524  File doc/chips/lm83: Known motherboards list update, misc updates
525  Library: Change adm1025 names (hyst/over become low/high)
526           Swap adm1025 temp1 and temp2 to match the driver's order
527           Advance version to 2.0.1
528           Update lm83 support
529           Add support for lm90, xeontemp, max6650
530           Add separate messages for read and write errors
531           Add missing message for parse error
533  Modules (various): Fix includes for compilation on Alpha
534                     Use the new i2c_delay function instead of the various
535                     do_pause functions
536  Module i2c-ali15x3: Fix resource leak (Daniele Bellucci)
537  Module i2c-nforce2: Cleanups
538  Module i2c-i810: Use readl/writel for portable access to PCI memory
539  Module i2c-piix4: Force CPCI735 bug workaround (Tom Rini)
540  Module i2c-savage4: Use readl/writel for portable access to PCI memory
541  Module i2c-sis630: Fix detection
542                     Add block data read/write support
543  Module i2c-sis645: Detection method change/bugfix
544  Module i2c-viapro: Prevent buffer overrun (Sergey Vlasov)
545  Module i2c-voodoo3: Use readl/writel for portable access to PCI memory
546  Module adm1025: Major driver update
547                  Add support for Philips NE1619
548                  Simplify the driver a lot (unified voltages, unified
549                  temperatures and much more)
550                  Fix default voltage limits
551                  Change default temperature limits
552                  Swap remote and local temperatures to match the internal
553                  registers order (make the code unification possible)
554                  Export remote diode fault through alarms
555  Module ddcmon: Major update
556                 Add half a dozen new features
557                 Add checksum parameter (same as for the eeprom module)
558                 Fix monitor limits
559  Module eeprom: Ignore Sony Vaio EEPROMs with a password set
560  Module lm78: Fix a fan_div/fan_min bug
561  Module lm83: Add t_crit and alarms support
562  Module lm90: New
563  Module max6650: New
564  Module saa1064: New
565  Module smsc47m1: Add support for 47M142
566  Module w83627hf: Fix 697HF PWM; fix 697HF VBAT and V5SB alarms;
567                   enhance w83627thf support
568  Module w83781d: Enhance chip detection; clean up error returns;
569                  fix 697HF and 791D PWM; fix 697HF VBAT and V5SB alarms
570  Module xeontemp: New
571  Program Add Direct Rambus (DRDRAM)
572                           Mark Rambus as unsupported
573  Program New
574                          Interfaces between our eeprom module and
575                          parse-edid from the read-edid project
576  Program p4b_smbus: Fix SMP compilation
577  Program sensord: Add support for IT87 (Mike Black)
578                   Change ADM1025 support to match the changes made to
579                   the library
580  Program sensors: Rewrite and enhance EEPROM support
581                   Change LM83 and ADM1025 support to match the changes
582                   made to the library
583                   Add DRDRAM support to print_eeprom
584                   Exit(1) on /proc write failure (Malte Starostik)
585                   Add LM90, MAX6650 support
586  Program sensors-detect: Add support for PCF8574, PCF8574A, SAA1064
587                          Add support for LM82, LM86, LM89
588                          Improved W83781D family detection
589                          Add support for AS19927F rev.2, ASB100 Bach
590                          Add support for Asus Mozart-2 (3 types)
591                          Add support for NE1619
592                          Add support for FSC Hermes
593                          Make sure /sbin is in the user's path
594                          Fix EEPROM detection
595                          Automatic module.conf and /dev/i2c* detection
596                          Improve LM82 and LM83 detection
597                          Handle "to-be-written" cleanly
598                          Add detection for 47M14x Super I/O
599                          Handle the one-address-many-chips-same-driver
600                          case
6032.8.0 (20030714)
604  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.8.0 or newer!!!
605  Dropped all kernel 2.2 and 2.3 compatibility; 2.4.9 or later required;
606                  2.4.13 or later required for mkpatch.
607  File i2c-dev.h: Include userspace portion removed from i2c-dev.h in
608                  i2c package
609  File doc/chips/fscscy: Add watchdog documentation
610  File Fix vt1211/vt8231 thermistor calculations
611  File sensors.h: Now automatically generated
612  Library: Add support for exponents and logarithms for vt1211/vt8235 temps;
613           add adm1026, lm83, lm85, w83791d support;
614           Advance version to 2.0.0
615  Makefiles: Generate warnings if new library won't be found by;
616             Modules now install in kernel/drivers/i2c/[busses,chips];
617             Ensure that headers in /usr/local/include are used first;
618             Don't use /usr/include headers for modules;
619             Handle multiple UTS_RELEASE definitions in linux/version.h;
620             Automatically generate kernel/include/sensors.h;
621             Remove old gzipped modules; remove old misc directory if empty;
622             Remove pre-2.4 installation method;
623             -Wall now the default;
624             Add new targets user, user_install, and help;
625             Run depmod after module installation
626  Modules (all): Cleanups including
627                - Add #include <i2c-proc.h>
628                - C99 initializers
629                - Remove #ifdef MODULE
630                - Remove #ifndef THIS_MODULE
631                - Remove #ifndef MODULE_LICENSE
632                - Remove other 2.1/2.2 #ifdefs
633                - Remove #include "sensors.h", copy SYSCTL defs to module
634                - Remove excess #includes
635                - Remove argument in i2c_register_entry()
636                - Remove dummy xxx_command() definition
637                - Remove EXPORT_NO_SYMBOLS
638                - Remove init_MUTEX #define
639                - Remove xxx_inc_use() and xxx_dec_use() functions; modules
640                  no longer adjust their own refcounts
641                - Use module_init() and module_exit()
642                - Update to new i2c_driver struct definition
643  Modules (bus PCI): Convert to PCI-module-style initialization
644  Modules (several): Add support for AMD Opteron VRM (VID) encoding
645  Module adm1021: Set alarm on failed reads and report old value;
646                  merge changes from kernel 2.5.54
647  Module adm1026: New
648  Module bmcsensors: Fix compile when DEBUG=1
649  Modules ddcmon, eeprom: Use i2c block reads if possible;
650                          better error handling
651  Module ds1307: Add to Makefile
652  Module gl520sm: Fix temperature over/hyst writes
653  Module lm75: merge changes from kernel 2.5.54
654  Module lm83: New
655  Module lm85: New
656  Module i2c-ali1535: Check for invalid transaction
657  Module i2c-ali15x3: Check for invalid transaction
658  Module i2c-amd756: merge changes from kernel 2.5.54;
659                     check for invalid transaction
660  Module i2c-amd8111: merge changes from kernel 2.5.54
661  Module i2c-i801: Add support for 82801EB (ICH5)
662  Module i2c-i810: Fix for some chips
663  Module i2c-nforce2: New
664  Module i2c-piix4: Check for invalid transaction
665  Module i2c-sis5595: Check for invalid transaction; add more blacklist IDs
666  Module i2c-sis645: Add support for SiS648, SiS651, SiS745, and SiS746
667        north bridges; SiS962 and SiS963 south bridges
668  Module i2c-viapro: Check for invalid transaction
669  Modules mtp008, smsc47m1, vt1211, vt8231, w83781d: Standardize and improve
670          pwm and pwm enable support; update docs
671  Module smbus-arp: Check adapter for HW or SW PEC support;
672                    add reset option
673  Module w83781d: Add support for w83791d
674  Module w83627hf: New
675  Program Recognize DDR and Rambus
676  Program eeprom: Fix writes for small eeproms
677  Program eeprom, eepromer: Use local i2c-dev.h for build
678  Program fancontrol: New
679  Program lm_sensors.init: Call sensors -s in start()
680  Program mkpatch: Fix vt8231 compile; keep tsunami from menu on non-alpha;
681                   Add adm1026,lm85 support;
682                   Remove sensors.c file; add sensors_compat.h;
683                   Remove patches to i2c-core.c and drivers/char/mem.c;
684                   Now works only for kernels 2.4.13 or later
685  Program p4b_smbus: Fix 'make install';
686                     Install in same place as other modules;
687                     Clear correct bits in config word
688  Program pwmconfig: New
689  Program sensors: add adm1026, lm85, w83791d support
690  Program sensors-detect: Add super i/o detection (smsc47m1, vt1211,
691                          w83627hf, w83627thf, w83697hf);
692                          Add support for SiS651, SiS961, SiS745, SiS746;
693                          Support dmidecode 2.0 and later;
694                          Fix "C" format error;
695                          Add support for adm1026, 82801EB (ICH5), W83791D;
696                          Add support for w83l785ts, nForce2;
697                          Fix UTF-8 incompatibility;
698                          Better support for lm75;
699                          Add support for lm83
7012.7.0 (20021208)
702  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.7.0 or newer.
703  File doc/busses/i2c-ali1535: Add license, miscellaneous changes
704  File doc/busses/i2c-ali15x3: Add license, miscellaneous changes
705  File doc/busses/i2c-sis645: Add license
706  File doc/chips/lm92: Add license, features
707  File doc/chips/maxilife: Add license, parameters, features
708  File doc/chips/smartbatt: Complete rewrite
709  File doc/chips/vt8231: Add license, parameters
710  File Add section for lm75; complete the lm78 section
711  Library: Add support for MC1066; add multiple VRM version support for lm87;
712           enhance adm1023 support; initial support for Sony Vaio eeprom;
713           add support for bmcsensors; add hacks for additional dummy drivers
714  Makefile: Take kernel source location from /lib/modules/x.x.x/build;
715            add flags for x86_64 compiles
716  Module adm1021: Add support for MC1066
717  Module bmcsensors: New       
718  Module dmi_scan: Rename symbol duplicated in kernel; apply fixes from
719                   kernel 2.5.43; fix 2.2 kernel compiles
720  Module gl518sm: Iterate allowed only for rev 0x00
721  Module i2c-amd756: Configure base address for nForce support;
722                     check for uninitialized base address;
723                     add support for amd8111 (SMBus 1.0)
724  Module i2c-amd8111: New (SMBus 2.0)
725  Module i2c-ipmb: New
726  Module i2c-ipmi: New
727  Module i2c-keywest: Sync with kernel 2.4.20
728  Module i2c-sis630: Add support for SiS730
729  Module i2c-sis645: Improve support for SiS645/961;
730                     add support for SiS645DX/961 and SiS735;
731                     fix 2.2 kernel compiles
732  Module i2c-viapro: Add support for VT8233A (new ID 0x3177) and VT8235
733  Module lm87: Add multiple VRM version support
734  Module vt1211: Fix inx limits and alarms; fix in0
735  Module vt8231: Fix inx limits and alarms; fix in0
736  Module w83781d: Fix in0/in1 initialization
737  Module smartbatt: New
738  Modules (several): Remove #ifndefs, require i2c-2.7.0; HZ fixes
739  Program Code cleanup; valid HTML; better HTML output;
740                           stop decoding on checksum error
741  Program dmidecode: Fix read bug; upgrade to version 1.8
742  Program doc-insmod: Complete rewrite; fix author output
743  Program doc-features: Complete rewrite; handle missing sysctl entries;
744                        handle unknown prefix with suggestion
745  Program lm_sensors.init: Remove spaces bug; add green/red output
746  Program mkpatch: Fix dmi_scan module compile; add sis630, sis645, amd8111
747  Program rrd: Add sanity limits to newly-created RRD.
748  Program sensord: (v0.6.2) Add sanity limits to newly-created RRD.
749  Program sensors: Add support for MC1066, Rambus Rimms;
750                   fix w83781d temp3 alarm; fix gl518sm rev 0x00 recognition;
751                   initial support for Sony Vaio eeprom
752  Program sensors-detect: Add support for MC1066, smart battery, 8235,
753                          IPMI, AMD8111; add help if no sensors found;
754                          add ACPI method for IBM system detection;
755                          work with old Perl versions again;
756                          initial support for Sony Vaio eeprom
7582.6.5 (20020915)
759  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.1 or newer, or kernel 2.4.13 or newer.
760  File Fix temp[23] for as99127f; add vt8231
761  Library: Fix fan3_div writes for w8378* and it87; add vt8231
762  Module dmi_scan: new
763  Module ds1621: Fix enable/disable
764  Module eeprom: Do not corrupt 24RF08's when checksum=1
765  Module i2c-i801: Check for uninitialized base address;
766                   enable if not enabled
767  Module i2c-piix4: Refuse to load on IBM systems to prevent 24RF08 corruption
768  Module i2c-sis630: new
769  Module i2c-sis645: new
770  Module lm92: Fix in-kernel initialization
771  Module via686a: Remove VT8231 support
772  Module vt8231: new
773  Module w83781: recognize Asus "ASB100 Bach" as AS99127F
774  Program dmidecode: new
775  Programs i2cdetect, i2cdump, i2cset, isadump: Now installed by 'make install'
776  Program mkpatch: Add entries for, lm92,
777                   pcf8574, pcf8591, smsc47m1, vt1211;
778                   add dmi_scan
779  Program p4b_smbus: Fix compile for SMP and MODVERSIONS; fix PCI ID problem
780  Program lm_sensors.init: fix stop()
781  Program sensord: (v0.6.1) Add /usr/local/etc to config file path;
782                   add support for logging loadavg in RRD;
783                   fix down-converting raw labels for RRD;
784                   update chip support, still behind sensors
785  Program sensors: Add /usr/local/etc to config file path;
786                   fix -c and -u flags; add vt8231
787  Program sensors-detect: recognize Asus "ASB100 Bach" as AS99127F;
788                          refuse to run on IBM systems;
789                          fix sysconfig module numbering;
790                          change quick write to not corrupt 24RF08's
7922.6.4 (20020719)
793  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.1 or newer, or kernel 2.4.13 or newer.
794  File doc/vid: New
795  File include/sensors_vid.h: New
796  File Add vt1211, smsc47m1
797  Library: Add multiple VRM version support for adm1025, w83781d;
798           fix 'flex scanner jammed' on some systems;
799           add vt1211, smsc47m1, lm92;
800           fix access mode checking
801  Makefiles: For 2.4+ kernels, modules now install in
802             kernel/drivers/[i2c,sensors] , not misc/ , and
803             'make install' removes old versions in misc/ .
804             Use $CFLAGS and $CPPFLAGS if defined.
805  Module adm1025: Add multiple VID version support
806  Module ds1307: new
807  Module i2c-amd756: Add nVidia nForce support; fix block read length;
808                     reliability improvements
809  Module i2c-hydra: Flush posted writes
810  Module i2c-i801: Add support for 82801DB (ICH4)
811  Module i2c-i810: Flush posted writes
812  Module i2c-savage4: new
813  Module i2c-viapro: Add support for VT8231 (0x8235), VT8233A (0x3147)
814  Module i2c-voodoo3: Flush posted writes
815  Module ds1307: New
816  Module lm92: New
817  Module smbus-arp: new
818  Module smsc47m1: new
819  Module via686a: Add support for VT8231 sensors
820  Module vt1211: new
821  Module w83781d: Add multiple VID version support; fix temp alarms
822  Program eeprom: new
823  Program i2cdump: Add smbus block command specification, add PEC support
824  Program lm_sensors.init: new
825  Program mkpatch: Add sensors_vid.h, i2c-savage4, lm92,
826                   pcf8574, pcf8591, smsc47m1, vt1211
827  Program p4b_smbus: Add support for ICH4
828  Program rrd: Fix swapped CPU and MB temps in summ_week.cgi
829  Program sensord.init: Renamed, was prog/init/sensors
830  Program sensord: Major update, now requires rrd source;
831                   not compiled by default
832  Program sensors: Recognize DDR SDRAM; add adm1025 VID; add -A
833                   (don't display algo. and adap.) option;
834                   add vt1211, smsc47m1, lm92
835  Program sensors-detect: Add VT8231, VT8233A, several S3 devices;
836                          add 82801DB, LM85; fix perl warnings;
837                          generate /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors for
838                          lm_sensors.init script
8402.6.3 (20020322)
841  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.1 or newer, or kernel 2.4.13 or newer.
842  Chip modules (most): Allow THIS_MODULE definition for kernels 2.2.18+
843  File doc/chips/it87: add more temp_type help
844  File Un-ignore it87 in8, temp3, fan3;
845                        add adm1021 section; add lm87 AIN[1,2] template;
846                        swap negative voltage limits for 782d,783s,627hf,
847                        697hf,it87; add more it87 help; swap neg. voltage
848                        limits for lm78(-j), lm79, w83781d, as99127f
849  Library: Add PCF8591, W83697HF, ADM1023 support;
850           fix w83* fan_min computes;
851           swap neg. voltage limits for lm78(-j), lm79, w83781d, as99127f
852  Module adm1024: Add MODULE_LICENSE("GPL")
853  Module bt869: Add s-video out and DVD resolution support
854  Module eeprom: Add support for locations 128-255; rename /proc entries in hex
855  Module fscscy: implement min/max for voltages and fans
856  Module i2c-amd756: Add support for AMD768
857  Module i2c-i810: Add support for 810E
858  Module i2c-keywest: Big update, sync with kernel 2.4.18
859  Module i2c-piix4: Check for uninitialized base address
860  Module i2c-sis5595: Blacklist 645, 735
861  Module i2c-viapro: Check for uninitialized base address
862  Module gl518sm: Standardize /proc entries in0-3
863  Module lm87: Fix in0, in1, in5 initial limits; ain[1,2] -> in[6,7];
864               fan -> fan1; fix temp2 limit writes
865  Module pcf8574: Add support for PCF8574A; /proc interface changed
866  Module pcf8591: new
867  Module sis5595: Blacklist 645, 735
868  Module w83781d: Add W83697HF support; allow force_subclients parameter
869                  for Tyan 2460
870  Programs, Update for new /proc names
871  Program new
872  Program i2cdump: Add i2c block read capability (requires i2c-2.6.3);
873                   add text output
874  Program init/sensors: New SysV init script
875  Program Add support for fscscy, add more help entries
876  Program p4b_smbus: new
877  Program rrd: Install summ_week.cgi
878  Program sensors: Add PCF8591, W83697HF, ADM1023 support,
879                   clean up chassis intrusion prints
880  Program sensors-detect: Add several Nvidia chips, add PCF8591, add 810E;
881                          fix Via686a and it87 detection;
882                          add AMD768, IPMI-BMC-KCS and -SMIC; add Via 8231;
883                          fix uninitialized values; it87 beats lm78
8852.6.2 (20011118)
886  NOTE: Requires i2c-2.6.1 or newer, or kernel 2.4.13 or newer.
887  Chip Modules (all): malloc.h -> slab.h
888  Modules (all): Add MODULE_LICENSE("GPL")
889  File doc/FAQ: More updates and additions
890  File Fix it87 in5,in6 (-12,-5) calculations
891  Library: Add fscpos and fscscy support, fix gl520 in4 ID,
892           update it87 alarm ID's.
893  Module fscpos: new (Fujitsu-Siemens Poseidon driver)
894  Module fscscy: new (Fujitsu-Siemens Scylla driver)
895  Module i2c-amd756: Improve busy handling/printk's
896  Module i2c-i801: Add 82801CA/CAM support
897  Module i2c-keywest: Sync with PPC people, it works now
898  Module i2c-piix4: Add Intel 82443MX and SMSC Victory66 support
899  Module i2c-viapro: Add Via VT8233 support
900  Module it87: Merge alarm_* /proc entries to alarms
901  Module sis5595: Fix support for rev B0
902  Module via686a: Make limit initializations reliable
903  Module w83781d: Allow init=0 parameter to bypass initialization
904  Program isadump: Add flat address space (PCI) support
905  Program Add support for i2c-ali1535, adm1024, ds1621,
906                      fscpos, it87, maxilife, mtp008
907  Program sensors: Fix w83781d temp precision
908  Program sensors-detect: Add ALI1535, Via VT8233, it87 (i2c),
909                          Fujitsu Poseidon and Scylla, 
910                          Intel 82443MX and 82801CA/CAM detection,                     
911                          add ITE 8172G detection (driver in kernel 2.4.10)
9132.6.1 (20010830)
914  File BUGS: Updated
915  File doc/FAQ: More updates and additions
916  File doc/chips/adm1021: Claim support for Philips NE1617, NE1617A
917  File Fix/enhance it87 section
918  Library: ds1621 and it87 updates
919  Module i2c-ali15x3: Allow force_addr=0xaddr; enable if not enabled.
920  Module i2c-amd756: Add AMD 766 support
921  Module i2c-i801: Fix 82801BA detection broken by kernel 2.4.6
922  Module i2c-piix4: Add Serverworks CSB5 support
923  Module i2c-sis5595: Recognize unsupported chips and refuse to load
924  Module adm1025: Fixed temp2 min/max writes
925  Module ds1621: Add 12-bit precision mode
926  Module it87: Enable all alarms, add in8 support, add sensor type selection
927  Module sensors: Don't initialize i2c-proc (moved to i2c-core);
928                  remove support for module
929  Module sis5595: Recognize unsupported chips and refuse to load
930  Module w83781d: Fix fan speed for as99127f (broken by 2.6.0)
931  Program eepromer: new
932  Program Fix dependencies on i2c-proc; disallow compilation
933                      of sensors.c as a module in kernel
934  Program sensors: it87 updates; adjust temp. precision for some chips
935  Program sensors-detect: Fix ADM1024 and ADM1025 detection;
936                          recognize unsupported SiS chips;
937                          recognize AMD 766 and Serverworks CSB5.
9392.6.0 (20010612)
940  NOTE: i2c-2.6.0 MUST BE be compiled AND installed first!!!
941        If your make fails because it can't find <linux/i2c-proc.h>, you
942        forgot this step!!!
943  File doc/FAQ: Many, many updates and additions
944  File doc/busses/i2c-sis5595: new
945  File doc/busses/i2c-tsunami: new
946  File doc/chips/it87: new
947  File doc/chips/via686a: Claim support for 686b.
948  File README.thinkpad: new
949  File Adjust as99127f in5 (-12V) and temp2 calculations;
950                        Add lm87, adm9240, ds1780, lm81 templates;
951                        Enhance help comments in file;
952                        Add Tyan S2510 dual-MTP008 example;
953                        Make separate sis5595 section.
954  Include file i2c-isa.h: No longer required, moved to i2c.h in i2c package
955  Include file sensors.h: Most contents moved to i2c-proc.h in i2c package
956  Library: Fix/standardize some lm87 and mtp008 entries; add sis5595 in4;
957           Add support for maxilife-nba and amd1024;
958           Change from sensors_* to i2c_* globals for new i2c-proc.[ch]
959  Chip Modules (all ISA): Remove #include "i2c-isa.h"
960  Chip Modules (all): Change from sensors_* to i2c_* globals
961                      for new i2c-proc.[ch]
962  Makefiles: enhance to support Alpha architecture
963  Module adm1021: Fix lm84 and gl523sm support
964  Module adm1024: new
965  Module i2c-i801: Chip detection cleanup
966  Module i2c-i810: Fixed i2c_i810_init() not found in patched kernel
967  Module i2c-sis5595: Allow force_addr=0xaddr; enable if not enabled.
968  Module i2c-tsunami: New
969  Module i2c-via: Ensure i2c bus is tristated correctly.
970  Module it87: new driver for IT8705, IT8712, Sis950 chips
971  Module lm78: Recognize chipid=0x20
972  Module lm87: Fix in0, in1 (2.5V and Vccp1) calculations
973  Module mtp008: Fix temp initializations;
974                 Save BIOS pin configuration of temps and fans;
975                 Fix sensor type reads/writes and fan min writes;
976                 Fix spurious invalid sensor type messages
977  Module sensors: Disabled, moved to i2c package as i2c-proc.c; only
978                  used for patched kernel now.
979                  Add xxx_init() calls for drivers added to mkpatch in 2.5.5.
980  Module sis5595: Fix temp, add in4 for chip revision 0xc0;
981                  Allow force_addr=0xaddr
982  Module via686a: Allow force_addr=0xaddr (for A7V/K7V boards)
983  Module w83781d: Don't reinitialize as99127f chip; this may cause fan/temp
984                  reading changes; Add messages for subclient
985                  registration failure
986  Programs i2cdetect, i2cdump: add devfs /dev/i2c/x support
987  Program i2cset: new
988  Program isadump: fix for Alpha arch. compiles
989  Program Fix adm9240 typos; Add more chips to;
990                      Remove ltc1710; Fix i2c_sis5595 typo;
991                      Support kernel 2.4.5 makefile change;
992                      Add i2c-tsunami; fixed i2c-voodoo3 configuration
993  Program sens_update_rrd: new
994  Program sensord: Add -d (debug) and -p (pid-file) options
995  Program sensors: Change reported version from 1.3 to the lm_sensors version;
996                   Fix swapped limit and hysteresis on 9240, 5595, 686a;
997                   Change mtp008 temps from max/min to limit/hyst;
998                   Add maxilife-nba, adm1024, it87 support.
999  Program sensors-detect: Recognize lm78 with chipid=0x20;
1000                          Recognize SMSC Victory66 South Bridge;
1001                          Add devfs /dev/i2c/x support;
1002                          Add adm1024, it87xx support; Add thinkpad warning.
1003  Program tellerstats: new
10052.5.5 (20010115)
1006  NOTE: i2c-2.5.5 MUST BE be compiled and installed first, UNLESS
1007        you have kernel 2.4.0-prerelease or greater.
1008  Chip modules (all): Update mutex definition (works now for new 2.2 kernels)
1009  File doc/developers/proc: new
1010  File Add mtp008 entries, adm1025 entries
1011  Library: Add ds1621, mtp008 support
1012  Module adm1021: Add support for adm1021a / adm1023
1013  Modules adm1021, thmc50: Rename /proc entries to temp[1-2]
1014  Module adm1025: Add support for remote temp; rename /proc entries to
1015                  in[0-5] and temp[1-2]; fix negative temp readings
1016  Module adm9240: Rename /proc entries to in[0-5]
1017  Module ddcmon: allow force and force_ddcmon parameters
1018  Module ds1621: new
1019  Module i2c-ali1535: Enhance error checking and recovery; add mutex
1020  Module i2c-i810: Add "dummy write" before reads per Intel prog. ref.
1021  Module i2c-piix4: add support for ServerWorks southbridge OSB4
1022  Module lm87: cleanup, update voltage calculations
1023  Module mtp008: new
1024  Module pcf8574: change update time to 5 seconds
1025  Modules sis5595, i2c-sis5595: Check for uninitialized base addresses
1026  Module w83781d: fix beep setting via /proc
1027  Programs editticket, readticket: new
1028  Program only works with 2.2 and 2.4 kernels; 2.3 support removed
1029  Program more fixes; now adds many more modules
1030  Program sensors: Add ds1621, mtp008 support; add -f (Fahrenheit) option;
1031                   add adm1025 temp2; report temp limits correctly as
1032                   min/max or limit/hysteresis; print message if no
1033                   sensors are found. Removed false errors from lm87 reads.
1034  Program sensors-detect: Add ds1621, mtp008 detection;
1035                          add ServerWorks detection
10372.5.4 (20001012)
1038  Module i2c-viapro: Add support for Via 596B (0x3051)
1039  Program m7101: moved to CVS tree, updated for 2.4.0 kernels
1040  Program fixed infinite loop
1041  Program sensors-detect: Detect Via 596B (0x3051)
10432.5.3 (20001008)
1044  NOTE: i2c 2.5.3 MUST BE be compiled and installed first.
1045  File useful_addresses.html: update
1046  Library: Add lm87 support
1047  Module pcf8574: new
1048  Module i2c-ali1535: new
1049  Module i2c-ali15x3: removed force #ifdef.
1050  Module i2c-i801: support Intel 82801BA (815E chipset)
1051  Module i2c-i801: add i2c block write support, fix smbus block bugs
1052                   (requires i2c 2.5.3 package)
1053  Module i2c-i810: support Intel 82815
1054  Module lm87: new
1055  Module sensors: Fix for kernel 2.4.0-test8
1056                  (remove copy_to_user_ret and put_user_ret)
1057  Module w83781d: limit fan divisors to 8 max. for as99127f
1058  Program decode-dimms: Add html output option, update for SPD spec 1.2B.
1059  Program i2cdump: Add smbus block read support
1060  Programs i2cdetect, i2cdump: Improve error reporting
1061  Program sensors: new switch -u (--unknown)
1062  Program sensors-detect: detect Intel 82801BA (815E chipset)
1063  Program sensors-detect: detect Intel 82815
1064  Program sensors-detect: detect ITE IT8705F / IT8712F (no driver yet)
1065  Program sensors-detect: detect National LM87
1066  Program sensors-detect: detect nVidia devices supported by i2c-riva.o
1067  Program sensors-detect: Improve error reporting
10692.5.2 (20000709)
1070  File Fix lm80 in8 calculation
1071  Module w83781d: W83783S no longer crashes on unloading
1072  Program sensors-detect: more robustness in case of unknown i2c adapters
1073  Program sensors-detect, libsensors: fix eeprom size reporting
1074  Program sensord: more flexibility, support for alarm scanning etc.
1075  Program sensors: support for ignore setting on sensor alarms.
1076  Programs: understand /dev/i2c* files (instead of /dev/i2c-*) too.
10782.5.1 (20000618)
1079  Library: Add adm1025 support
1080  Module adm1025: new
1081  Module ddcmon: Fixed bus scan which could hang SMBus
1082  Module i2c-keywest: new
1083  Module maxilife: Add support for Maxilife '99 (NBA)
1084  Module via686a: Enable sensors if not enabled by BIOS
1085  Module w83781d: Improve w83783s support, w83627hf always has 2 pwm
1086  Module w83781d: Fix sensor2&3 selection, enable VBAT (in8) monitoring
1087  Module w83781d: Remove as99127f entries for in7-8, pwm3-4, sensor1-3
1088  Module w83781d: Fis as99127f fan speed (was 66% too high)
1089  Module w83781d: Improve beep input checking
1090  Program i2cdump: Add Winbond-style bank selection
1091  Program isadump: Add Winbond-style bank selection
1092  Program sensors: Add adm1025 support.
1093  Program sensors: Remove some as99127f entries, fix as99127 "(beep)"
1094  Program sensors-detect: Fix i801 detection, add adm1025 driver entry
1095  File Add Maxilife '99 entries
1096  File Remove some as99127f entries.
1097    Note: For as99127f, reinstall manually (make install
1098          won't reinstall it) or else 'sensors -s' will fail.
11002.5.0 (20000312)
1101  Dropped all kernel 2.0 and 2.1 compatibility
1102  Module i2c-i810: new
1103  Module ddcmon: new
1104  Module via686a: new
1105  Module i2c-amd756: fixed region request
1106  Module i2c-voodoo3: Converted to use i2c-algo-bit layer
1107  Module w83781d: Don't change pin settings at initialization;
1108                  also fix chip detection.
1109  Library: Support for ddcmon and via686a
1110  Program sensors-detect: Support for ddcmon and via686a
1111  Program sensors: Support for eeprom, ddcmon and via686a
11132.4.5 (20000116)
1114  Introduced DESTDIR installation prefix
1115  Module lm80: fixes, temperature now read and set correctly
1116  Module i2c-voodoo3: driver enhancements
1117  Module w83781d: fixes, AS99127 works much better now
1118  Library: New ignore keyword in config file
1119  Programs: Support for new ignore keyword
1120  Program sensors-detect: Support for MGA detections
11222.4.4 (19991201)
1123  Addition of the alpha release of AMD 756 SMBus host support.
1124  Many fixes and updates to the gl518sm driver
1125  Updates and fixes for device detection
11272.4.0 (19990920)
1128  Too much to list.
1129  i2c and smbus parts are split off to a separate i2c package.
1130  New drivers and other stuff.
11322.3.4 (19990616)
1133  Module matorb: driver for Matrix-Orbital Displays (small LCD and VFDs)
1134  All: Now compiles against kernel 2.0.x (again ;)
1135  Module gl518sm: some updates and refinements
11372.3.3 (19990603)
1138  All: Now compiles against kernel 2.3.x (x >= 1)
1139  Module i2c-voodoo3: Timing issue fixes
1140  Module bt869: Seems to be functional and relatively well tested
1141  Many modules were modified to be more compatible with the new
1142   Mutex structure in the new experimental kernels.
11442.3.2 (19990507)
1145  Module i2c-hydra: Now compiles on 2.0.x kernels
1146  Module i2c-lm75: Slightly better detection
1147  * New, but not compiled by default:
1148  Module i2c-voodoo3: beginning of Voodoo3 I2C bus driver
1149  Module bt869: Beginning of BT869 (PAL/NTSC video converter) driver
11512.3.1 (19990501)
1152  All: Now compiles on PPC
1153  Module i2c-hydra: NEW
1154  Module i2c-proc: Buffer overflow removed: `less /proc/bus-i2c-0' now works
1155  Module w83781d: Removed deadlock (mutex was not initialized)
1156  Documentation: A few glitches removed
1157  Makefile: default module installation directory is now
1158            /lib/modules/current/extra/misc
1159  Program sensors-detect: PPC Hydra now detected
1160  Program sensors: Now prints complete GL518SM information
1161  Program sensors: SIS5595, ADM1021, MAX1617(A), ADM9240, DS1780 added
11632.3.0 (19990422)
1164  All: Many, many changes and improvements
1165  All: Many small bugs and problems removed
1166  Modules: New insmod parameters
1167  Modules: Much improved chip detection
1168  Module maxilife: NEW
1169  Module adm1021: MAX1617A now also supported
1170  Module adm9240: DS1780 now also supported
1171  Module w83781d: W83782D and W83783S now also supported
1172  Program sensors-detect: NEW
1173  Library: All chips now supported
1174  Documentation: Very much improved
11762.2.2 (199903??)
1177  Just some minor updates and bug fixes.
11792.2.1 (19990218)
1180  All: Removed compile warnings
1181  Module i2c-dev: Small bug removed if DEBUG=1 was used
1182  Module sis5595: Now compiles for 2.0 kernels
1183  Module adm1021: Detection corrected
11852.2.0 (19990216)
1186  All: Set copyrights to include 1999
1187  All: Small bugfixes
1188  I2C: Upgraded to newest archive of Simon Vogl
1189  Module i2c-dev: NEW
1190  Module i2c-ali15x3: NEW
1191  Module i2c-via: This is old module bit-mb, now moved to the main lm_sensors
1192     directories, and somewhat improved
1193  Module sis5595: NEW
1194  Modules: Renamed all bus modules to i2c-*, new directory lay-out
1195  Library: Support for new chip drivers, several small bugs fixed
1196  Library manual pages: NEW
1197  Program i2cdetect: Moved to detect directory
1198  Program NEW
1199  Program doc-features: NEW
1200  Program sensors: Added man-page
1201  Document BUGS: Added cdrom bug and kernel i2c conflict
12032.1.2 (19990116)
1204  Modules lm80.o, w83781d.o: fan-related Segmentation fault corrected
1205  Module gl518sm.o: yet more bug fixes. It should at long last be usable now
1206  Documentation in doc/kernel: NEW
12082.1.1 (19990107)
1209  Module i2c-proc.o: Hack to make /proc/bus/ possible for kernels 2.0.35
1210                     and older
1211  Module gl518sm.o: Miscelaneous bugs and problems solved
1212  Program isadump: NEW
12142.1.0 (19981230)
1215  Library: Completely NEW
1216  Program sensors: NEW
1217  Program grab_busses: NEW
1218  Program decode-dimms: More information
1219  Module bit-mb.o: Removed spurious semicolon; now runs on more VIA chipsets
1220  Module w83781d.o: NEW
1221  Module lm80.o: NEW
1222  Module gl518sm.o: new procfile beep, several small updates
1223  Modules: Now use pin readings, no more scaling within the kernel (use the
1224           library instead)
12262.0.2 (19981214)
1227  Module eeprom.o: NEW
1228  Program decode-dimms: NEW
1229  Modules: fill_inode fix, will stop segfaults on unloading in kernels after
1230           2.1.58
1231  Modules: Somewhat less verbose on transfers
1232  Module lm78.o now recognizes and handles lm78-j and lm79
12342.0.1 (1998121?)
1235  Module gl518sm.o updates, to make it actually work
1236  Module lm75.o high/low-byte swapping write bug fixed
12382.0.0 (19981209)
1239  Initial release
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