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1This is a list of the most important changes between 2.x versions. It is by
2no means complete, listing only user-visible changes which are interesting.
3The ultimate way to know what has changed is to run diff, or even neater,
4ask CVS about it:
6  * Checkout the archive (see doc/cvs for how you can do this)
7  * Determine which tags are valid, by running this command from the
8    project root directory:
9      cvs status -v -l Makefile
10    Valid tags are usually like form V2-1-0 for version 2.1.0
11  * Ask cvs for the difference between two versions:
12      cvs diff -r TAG1 -r TAG2 DIFF-OPTIONS
13    for example:
14      cvs diff -r V2-0-0 -r V2-0-1 -u
162.3.1 (19990501)
17  All: Now compiles on PPC
18  Module i2c-hydra: NEW
19  Module i2c-proc: Buffer overflow removed: `less /proc/bus-i2c-0' now works
20  Module w83781d: Removed deadlock (mutex was not initialized)
21  Documentation: A few glitches removed
22  Makefile: default module installation directory is now
23            /lib/modules/current/extra/misc
24  Program sensors-detect: PPC Hydra now detected
25  Program sensors: Now prints complete GL518SM information
26  Program sensors: SIS5595, ADM1021, MAX1617(A), ADM9240, DS1780 added
282.3.0 (19990422)
29  All: Many, many changes and improvements
30  All: Many small bugs and problems removed
31  Modules: New insmod parameters
32  Modules: Much improved chip detection
33  Module maxilife: NEW
34  Module adm1021: MAX1617A now also supported
35  Module adm9024: DS1780 now also supported
36  Module w83781d: W83782D and W83783S now also supported
37  Program sensors-detect: NEW
38  Library: All chips now supported
39  Documentation: Very much improved
412.2.2 (199903??)
42  Just some minor updates and bug fixes.
442.2.1 (19990218)
45  All: Removed compile warnings
46  Module i2c-dev: Small bug removed if DEBUG=1 was used
47  Module sis5595: Now compiles for 2.0 kernels
48  Module adm1021: Detection corrected
502.2.0 (19990216)
51  All: Set copyrights to include 1999
52  All: Small bugfixes
53  I2C: Upgraded to newest archive of Simon Vogl
54  Module i2c-dev: NEW
55  Module i2c-ali15x3: NEW
56  Module i2c-via: This is old module bit-mb, now moved to the main lm_sensors
57     directories, and somewhat improved
58  Module sis5595: NEW
59  Modules: Renamed all bus modules to i2c-*, new directory lay-out
60  Library: Support for new chip drivers, several small bugs fixed
61  Library manual pages: NEW
62  Program i2cdetect: Moved to detect directory
63  Program NEW
64  Program doc-features: NEW
65  Program sensors: Added man-page
66  Document BUGS: Added cdrom bug and kernel i2c conflict
682.1.2 (19990116)
69  Modules lm80.o, w83781d.o: fan-related Segmentation fault corrected
70  Module gl518sm.o: yet more bug fixes. It should at long last be usable now
71  Documentation in doc/kernel: NEW
732.1.1 (19990107)
74  Module i2c-proc.o: Hack to make /proc/bus/ possible for kernels 2.0.35
75                     and older
76  Module gl518sm.o: Miscelaneous bugs and problems solved
77  Program isadump: NEW
792.1.0 (19981230)
80  Library: Completely NEW
81  Program sensors: NEW
82  Program grab_busses: NEW
83  Program decode-dimms: More information
84  Module bit-mb.o: Removed spurious semicolon; now runs on more VIA chipsets
85  Module w83781d.o: NEW
86  Module lm80.o: NEW
87  Module gl518sm.o: new procfile beep, several small updates
88  Modules: Now use pin readings, no more scaling within the kernel (use the
89           library instead)
912.0.2 (19981214)
92  Module eeprom.o: NEW
93  Program decode-dimms: NEW
94  Modules: fill_inode fix, will stop segfaults on unloading in kernels after
95           2.1.58
96  Modules: Somewhat less verbose on transfers
97  Module lm78.o now recognizes and handles lm78-j and lm79
982.0.1 (1998121?)
99  Module gl518sm.o updates, to make it actually work
100  Module lm75.o high/low-byte swapping write bug fixed
1012.0.0 (19981209)
102  Initial release
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