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Geert's PPC support and Hydra driver

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1This package could not have been created without the help of many, many people.
2The most notable contributors are listed below. You are probably best of
3to mail <> if you have questions, suggestions or
6* Alexander Larsson <>
7  Wrote the original lm78 module; lm_sensors version 1 was no more than an
8  extension of this module. He still likes to keep an eye on current
9  developments, but is usually too busy with other things to do much work
10  on them
11* Philip Edelbrock <>
12  Took up the development of the Alex' lm78 module. Responsible for most
13  SMBus code, and many, many other things. He is still one of the main
14  developers of the current package.
15* Frodo Looijaard <>
16  Took up the development of Alex' lm78 module. Large pieces of code were
17  written by him. Designed lm_sensors version 2, and wrote most of its
18  core code, including many drivers.
19* William Morgan <>
20  Helped with some patches in lm_sensors version 1. He provided us with
21  the original CVS archive, and even managed to explain to us how to use
22  it.
23* Kyösti Mälkki <>
24  Author of the i2c-via and sis5595 drivers.
25* Mark D. Studebaker <>
26  Author of the i2c-ali15x3 driver, as well as other drivers.
27* Geert Uytterhoeven <>
28  Author of the i2c-hydra driver.
29* Adrian Baugh <>
30  Author of wmsensors (get it at;
31  he also tested lots of things, and helped us out on several occasions.
32* Fons Rademakers <>
33  Author of the maxilife module (which could only be written under NDA)
35* Simon Vogl <>
36  Wrote the new i2c kernel driver. This driver is indispensable for the
37  workings of lm_sensors version 2.
38* Gerd Knorr <> (?)
39  Designed the i2c structs, which made it possible to use the smbus-is-
40  just-an-i2c-extension approach.
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