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(mds) Add i810 dual-bus (I2C/DDC) driver using algo-bit.

The i801 driver is for the standard I2C bus on an i810 board.
This driver adds the support for the DDC and TV-out busses.

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7This is the completely rewritten version of lm_sensors, a collection of
8modules for general SMBus access and hardware monitoring. There are quite
9a few changes compared with 1.x.y versions; they are now officially
12WARNING! Starting with lm_sensors version 2.5.0, only kernels 2.2.0 and
13later are supported. Use lm_sensors version 2.4.5 if you use an older
16WARNING! If you downloaded this package through our CVS archive, you walk
17the cutting edge. Things may not even compile! On the other hand, you will
18be the first to profit from new drivers and other changes. Have fun!
20WARNING! Many things have changed sinse version 2.4.0. Most importantly,
21you need the i2c package.  It should have come bundled with lm_sensors,
22but you may need to download it separately at:
24Users of kernel 2.3.34 and later (and also all soon to be 2.4.x) kernels
25will be happy to know that the new I2C implementation has been included
26in the kernel, but you can still patch it with the latest version
27(see i2c/mkpatch/, but this is optional.
29WARNING! The default module installation directory changed since version
302.2.1. If you don't change the directory in /etc/modules.conf (or
31/etc/conf.modules), modprobe will probably load the wrong ones.
33WARNING! Some things have changed since version 2.1.2. Most notably,
34module piix4 is renamed i2c-piix4, module isa is renamed i2c-isa,
35and module bit-mb is renamed i2c-via. You have been warned.
37At least the following SMBus adapters are supported:
38  Acer Labs M1541 and M1543C (used in the Aladdin IV, V and Pro 2 chipsets)
39  AMD 756
40  Apple Hydra (used on some PPC machines)
41  Intel ICH (used in the Intel 810 and 810E chipsets)
42  Intel PIIX4 (used in most Intel chipsets)
43  Intel I810 GMCH
44  SiS 5595 (used in many SiS chipsets)
45  3Dfx Voodoo 3 and Banshee
46  VIA Technologies 82C586B (used in most VIA chipsets)
47  VIA Technologies VT596A/B (used in some more modern VIA chipsets)
49At least the following hardware sensor chips are supported:
50  Analog Devices ADM1021, ADM1022, and ADM9240
51  Asus AS99127F
52  Dallas Semiconductor DS1780
53  Hewlett Packard Maxilife (several revisions)
54  Genesys Logic GL518SM (rev 00, 80), GL520SM, GL523SM
55  Intel Xeon processor embedded sensors
56  Maxim MAX1617 and MAX1617A
57  National Semicoductor LM75, LM77, LM78, LM78-J, LM79. LM80, LM81, and LM84
58  SiS Southbridge (integrated in the chipset; the I2C adapter will also be
59    supported in the near future)
60  TI THMC10 and THMC50
61  Winbond W83781D, W83782D, W83783S, and W83627HF
64We also support some miscellaneous chips:
65  Linear Technologies LTC1710
66  Dimms with EEPROMs
67  Intel Xeon processor embedded EEPROMs
68  DDC Monitor embedded EEPROMs
70We could use some testers of hardware. If you own a specific monitoring
71chip or I2C bus, and are willing to help us out, please contact us - even
72if you did so before. Even if you have no programming knowledge, you could
73help us by running new modules and reporting on the results and output.
74If you want to offer more substantial help, this is very welcome too, of
78Don't ask us whether we support a particular mainboard; we do not know.
79We *do* know what hardware we support, but usually, it is easier to
80install everything and run sensors-detect. It will tell you what hardware
81you have (and incidentally, what corresponding drivers are needed). You
82could also take a look at
83(this lists chips found on many mainboard, but regrettable, not the adapters
84on them) or
85(yes, it is japanese; you want the ninth column, and it again lists only
86chips, not adapters).
89SMBus, also known as System Management Bus, is a protocol for communicating
90through a I2C ('I squared C') bus. Many modern mainboards have a System
91Management Bus. There are a lot of devices which can be connected to a
92SMBus; the most notable are modern memory chips with EEPROM memories and
93chips for hardware monitoring.
95Most modern mainboards incorporate some form of hardware monitoring chips.
96These chips read things like chip temperatures, fan rotation speeds and
97voltage levels. There are quite a few different chips which can be used
98by mainboard builders for approximately the same results.
100Hardware monitoring chips are often connected to the SMBus, but often they
101can also be connected to the ISA bus. The modules in this package usually
102support both ways of accessing them.
104Because the SMBus is just a special case of the generalized I2C bus, we
105can simulate the SMBus protocol on plain I2C busses. These busses are
106sometimes used in other parts of your computer. If a supported chip is
107attached to one of these additional busses, they can be used too.
109Please read INSTALL before trying to compile and install these modules.
110There is a lot of additional documentation in the doc/ subdirectory.
111Amnong these is a list of supported busses and chips. Regrettably, there
112are too many mainboards to keep a list of busses and chips used on them.
113On the other hand, we provide a program called 'sensors-detect' which
114tries to figure out what hardware is available on your system.
116The developers of this package can be reached through the email address
117<>. Do not hesitate to mail us if you have questions,
118suggestions, problems, want to contribute, or just want to report it works
119for you. But please try to read the documentation and FAQ first before you ask
120any questions!
122The latest version of this package can always be found on our homepage:
123 Pre-release versions can be retrieved
124through anonymous CVS; see doc/cvs for more information.
126This whole package is copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Frodo Looijaard and
127Philip Edelbrock, except for (almost) everything in the i2c directory, which
128is copyright (c) 1995-1999 by Simon Vogl, and a few drivers written by
129other people. See the individual files for more exact copyright information. 
130This package may be distributed according to the GNU General Public License
131(GPL), as included in the file COPYING.
133Note that at this moment, libsensors falls under the GPL, not the LGPL.
134In more human language, that means it is FORBIDDEN to link any application
135to the library, even to the shared version, if the application itself
136does not fall under the GPL. This will probably be changed in the future.
137In the meantime, you will have to contact us first if you want to do this.
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