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LM75 driver finished

Well, it should work. But until we have implemented the remaining parts of
piix4.o, we won't be able to test it. Anybody?

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1Many, many things. Most notably:
3* Change the i2c modules to keep the namespace clean (EXPORT_SYMBOL does not
4  work for us; many static declarations need to be added; better ask Simon
5  Vogl first)
6* Make it SMP-safe: there are no spinlocks yet. They are needed at many
7  places, probably (everywhere where global vars are accessed).
8* Extend sensors.c with a file /proc/sys/dev/sensors/chips, which lists
9  all directories under /proc/sys/dev/sensors with their SYSCTL id
10  (needed for good sysctl access).
11* Write smbus_access_i2c in smbus.c
12* Write piix4_* in piix4.c
13* Make lm78.c detect 'double hits', (same chip connected to both SMBus and
14  ISA).
15* Better lm78/lm75 detection; insmod-time paramters to set addresses
16  (difficult, because of all i2c busses!).
17* Check whether some lm78 functionality is chip-generic and can be moved to
18  sensors.c.
19* Registrate which i2c addresses are used (a la ISA) for each adapter.
20* Rename i2c-proc.c to i2c-user.c, and extend it with /dev entries;
21  or, create a better i2c-dev.c, that understands SMBus commands.
22* Write all other drivers
23* How to make drivers detect thing *not*; for example, if a Winbond is
24  present, the LM75 driver should not try to access its simulated
25  LM75 chips (in this case, simply disable them - but what if the LM75
26  driver was loaded first?).
27* Write a userland-library for SMBus/i2c access (through the /dev interface)
28* Write a userland detection program for busses (clients are less important;
29  but perhaps needed too).
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