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added note that we need support in 'sensors' for ADM1021 and ADM9240.

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1Many, many things. Most notably:
3* Sensors program needs to print a + before lm75 temperatures
4* Timer chips - block read problems?
5* LM78 detection: bit 5 reg 0x49 may be one?!?
6* Segfault if too high /dev/i2c-* file accessed
7* Library: reload does not work (Bison/Flex problem?)
8* Create wait-queues for bus locking instead of pure semaphores, to make
9  it more interactive
10* Check for block read/writes in smbus-on-i2c emulation code
11* Better bounds checking for writes to /proc; fan_min values now checked
12  but other features may need too.
13* At least the bit-lp and bit-velle modules do no detection on loading;
14  ask Simon whether this is possible to add.
15* kmalloc with GFP_KERNEL can cause a context switch! Check whether this is
16  safe everywhere it is used.
17* Support 10-bit addresses. At this moment, they are supported nowhere, except
18  in Simon Vogl's i2c modules.
19* Change the i2c modules to keep the namespace clean (EXPORT_SYMBOL does not
20  work for us; many static declarations need to be added; better ask Simon
21  Vogl first)
22* Make it SMP-safe: there are no spinlocks yet. They are needed at many
23  places, probably (everywhere where global vars are accessed). This must be
24  done for the i2c modules, too.
25* Better general locking, or at least a once-over to check no race-conditions
26  remain.
27* Make lm78.c detect 'double hits', (same chip connected to both SMBus and
28  ISA).
29* Better chip detection; insmod-time paramters to set addresses
30  (difficult, because of all i2c busses!).
31* At least one case report that unused port addresses do not return 0xff
32* Register which i2c addresses are used (a la ISA) for each adapter.
33* Rename i2c-proc.c to i2c-user.c, and extend it with /dev entries;
34  or, create a better i2c-dev.c, that understands SMBus commands.
35* Write all other drivers
36* How to make drivers detect thing *not*; for example, if a Winbond is
37  present, the LM75 driver should not try to access its simulated
38  LM75 chips.
39* Some library routines are pretty inefficient right now
40* Test SIS5595(/91/98) sensor support. Write generic i2c support.
41  Thomas Dickel <> owns one SIS5595.
42* Make GL518SM rev 00 voltage iteration run as a kernel thread.
43  Add libsensors support for the new readable registers.
44* Sensors, add ADM1021 and ADM9240 support.
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