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1The lm_sensors team gratefully acknowledges the following donations.
3Drivers are very difficult to develop without actual hardware.
4Generally, the work goes quickly once we have the hardware.
6Evaluation boards are fine. Real computer hardware is much better though,
7because it lets us do real-world testing over a longer period of time.
8In many cases, the way a chipset is integrated in systems must be taken
9into account in the driver, and evaluation boards don't help much there.
10Donation of usable computer hardware also supports the project in general,
11so hardware which isn't directly related to the development of a hardware
12monitoring driver, but can be used to build test systems, is welcome too.
14If you would like to make a donation, please contact us. See
15 Thanks!
18Donations are listed in chronological order. Note that the person mentioned
19is the one who holds the device now, which is not necessarily the one to whom
20the donation was sent in the first place.
23Donation from   Donation and subsequent development work        Date & Person
24-------------   ----------------------------------------        -------------
26TI              i810 motherboard w/ 366 Celeron                 1999-07
27                Drivers developed: i801, i810, w83627hf         ??
29AMD             various sensor evaluation boards                2000
30                Drivers developed: various                      ??
32SiS             SiS 540/630 motherboard w/ 5595                 2000-01
33                Drivers developed: sis5595 improvements         Phil
35Cendio Systems  Asus P3B-F w/ AS99127F                          2000-05
36                Drivers developed: as99127f improvements        MDS
38Atipa           SuperMicro 370DLE w/ Serverworks, LM87          2000-09
39                Drivers developed: serverworks support added    Jean Delvare
40                to i2c-piix4; lm87 testing and improvements
41                (on-board NIC broken)
43Fujitsu         Complete system for general project support     2001-11
44Siemens         (broken)                                        Phil
47HardData Ltd.   Tyan 2466 w/ 1G Duron; W83627HF and W83782D     2002-05
48                Drivers developed: Tyan 2466 initialization;    MDS
49                DDR recognition
51Intel           SMBus 2.0 system                                2002-06
52                Drivers developed: SMBus 2.0 support in         MDS
53                i2c-core and i2c-i801; ADM1025 improvements;
54                82801 improvements; smsc47m1 driver
56VIA             8231 and two 8233 motherboards                  2002-06
57                Drivers developed: VT8231 support in via686a;   MDS
58                vt1211; VT8233A and VT8231 support in
59                i2c-viapro
61HP              IPMI system                                     2002-10
62                Drivers developed: bmcsensors, i2c-ipmi         MDS
64Analog Devices  ADM1032 evaluation board                        2003-10
65                Drivers developed: ADM1032 support in lm90;     Jean Delvare
66                lm90 ported to Linux 2.6
68National        LM83 evaluation board                           2003-12
69Semiconductor   Drivers developed: lm83 testing and             Jean Delvare
70                improvements; lm83 ported to Linux 2.6
72Analog Devices  ADM1025 evaluation board                        2004-01
73                Drivers developed: adm1025 testing and          Jean Delvare
74                improvements; adm1025 ported to Linux 2.6
76Analog Devices  ADT7467/8 evaluation board                      2004-01
77                Drivers developed: nothing yet                  Jean Delvare
79Analog Devices  ADM1031 evaluation board                        2004-04
80                Drivers developed: adm1031 for Linux 2.4 and    Jean Delvare
81                2.6
82                (broken)
84Wincor Nixdorf  Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 160GB harddisk drive   2004-10
85                (dead)                                          Jean Delvare
87Aweta           Intel Server system                             2005-09
88                Drivers developed: PC87431 (IPMI SMB)           MDS
90Barracuda       Jetway K8M8MS, Sempron 2600+, 256 MB RAM        2005-10
91Networks        Drivers developed: f71805f                      Jean Delvare
93Winbond         Celeron CPU, 512MB RAM                          2006-03
94                W83792D watchdog and VID support                Rudolf Marek
96ASUSTeK         ASUS P5MT-S                                     2006-03
97                Platform for W83792D related development        Rudolf Marek
99Winbond         Asus P4P800-X, Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM    2006-08
100                This board has an (hidden) Intel 82801EB        Jean Delvare
101                (ICH5) SMBus with SPD EEPROMs connected, and
102                a Winbond W83627THF hardware monitoring chip.
104Observit        Intel D865GSA (dead), Celeron D-352,            2007-06
105                128 MB RAM                                      Jean Delvare
106                Resulted in: backport of the w83627ehf driver
107                to Linux 2.4, improvements to the Linux 2.6
108                w83627ehf driver.
110Observit        Intel D865GBF, Celeron 2.4 GHz, 512 MB RAM      2007-06
111                Resulted in: improvements to the lm85 driver.   Jean Delvare
113Nuvoton         2 x Asus P5QL Pro, 1 GB RAM,                    2009-07
114                Pentium D-945, video card (dead)                Jean Delvare
115                This board has an ATK0110 ACPI device backed
116                by a Winbond W83667HG.
118ASUSTeK         ASUS Z8NA-D6, 2 x Xeon E5520, 2 x 1 GB RAM      2010-04
119                This board has a Winbond W83795ADG, SMBus is    Jean Delvare
120                multiplexed with GPIOs.
121                Drivers developed: w83795
123lleo19          Intel DH57JG with i3-540 CPU, 4GB RAM, chassis, 2011-01
124                and power supply.                               Guenter Roeck
125                Used to add support for NCT6775F (W83677HG-I)
126                to w83627ehf driver.
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