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1This is a list of additional programs, that may or may not be installed by
2`make install', and that usually can be found in the `prog' directory of
3this package.
6* doc/developers/editticket (written in shell, not installed)
7  Calls netscape to edit a specific support ticket.
9* doc/developers/readticket (written in shell, not installed)
10  Calls netscape to read a specific support ticket.
12* prog/config/ (written in bash and awk, not installed)
13  This program helps you generate the `bus' statements for your configuration
14  file. It read /proc/bus/i2c (or the file specified on the command-line),
15  and prints to stdout `bus' statements reflecting the currently detected
16  adapters.
18* prog/daemon/ (written in bash, not installed)
19  An example of a very simple hardware health monitoring daemon.
21* prog/detect/i2cdetect (written in C, not installed)
22  This program scans your complete I2C or SMBus adapter for connected devices.
23  Not all devices can be detected in this way, though; and it may hang your
24  bus. Syntax:
25    ./i2cdetect 0
26  Here the '0' stands for the bus number (run i2cdetect with no arguments
27  to list all installed busses).
29* prog/detect/sensors-detect (written in Perl, installed by 'make install')
30  This program tries to detect the available SMBus adapters and the chips
31  connected to them and/or the ISA bus. It also generates modprobe lines
32  and module options. This program is interactive and will ask you about
33  all information it needs.
35* prog/doc/ (written in Perl, not installed)
36  This program is used to help us generate driver documentation; it scans
37  some C source programs to do this. Syntax:
38    ./ BASE [PREFIX...]
39  BASE is the path to the base directory of the lm_sensors tree
40  PREFIX is one of more prefixes of chips you want documented; if left out,
41  all chips are documented.
43* prog/doc/ (written in Perl, not installed)
44  This program is used to help us generate driver documentation; it reads
45  all module information and outputs insmod parameter information. Syntax:
46    ./ DRIVER
48* prog/dump/i2cdump (written in C, not installed)
49  This program helps to dump the registers of a I2C device that understands
50  the 'byte data' or 'word data' and block read SMBus protocols.
51  Usual syntax:
52    ./i2cdump 0 0x49 b
53  Here the '0' stands for the bus number (run i2cdump with no arguments
54  to list all installed busses).
55  0x49' is the device address, and 'b' or 'w' stands for byte
56  or word data.
58* prog/dump/isadump (written in C, not installed)
59  This program helps to dump the registers of LM78-like chips, or more
60  exactly, chips which use an I/O-port for its address and one as its
61  data register. Usual syntax:
62     ./isadump 0x295 0x296
64* prog/eeprom/ (written in Perl 5, not installed)
65  This program decodes the information generated by the `eeprom.o' module.
66  It will only work for the installed eeprom module from the src/ directory,
67  not for the old one in the i2c/drivers/ directory.
69* prog/hotplug/m7101.o (kernel module, not installed)
70  An experimental kernel module to enable the Acer Labs 7101 PCI device.
71  See prog/hotplug/README for details.
73* prog/matorb/ (written in Perl, not installed)
74  A simple Perl script to display a 'screen' on a Matrix Orbital Display.
76* prog/maxilife/ (written in shell, not installed)
77  Write system information to the HP Maxilife LCD display using
79* prog/maxilife/ (written in shell, not installed)
80  Write a string to the HP Maxilife LCD display.
82* prog/mkdev/ (written in bash, not installed)
83  This script creates the /dev/i2c-* files. Please check the source before
84  you run it, as you may need to set some variables first.
86* prog/rrd/sens_update_rrd (written in bash, not installed)
87  This script gathers sensors data and adds it to a round robin database
88  (RRD). RRD is then used to display the graphed data in web pages
90* prog/sensord/sensord (written in C, installed by `make install-prog-sensord')
91  This daemon can be used to periodically log sensor readings from
92  the sensors hardware to syslog, and to alert (using syslog level ALERT)
93  when a sensor alarm is signalled; for example, if a fan fails, a temperature
94  limit is exceeded, etc.
96* prog/sensors/sensors (written in C, installed by `make install')
97  This pretty-prints the information provided by the modules. It is a normal
98  console application, using stdout. It is essential, because
99  unlike the raw /proc/sys/dev/sensors/*/* files, it takes your configuration
100  file into account.
102* prog/tellerstats/, (written in bash, not installed)
103  These scripts gather sensors data and graph the data for web pages
105* prog/xeon/ (written in Perl, not installed)
106  ID ROM data decoding for Xeon processors.
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