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GL518SM fixes

* Better VDD internal computation, as described in the data sheet;
* Fixed the config file to reflect the above change;
* The library read the wrong file to get its gl518sm alarm data.

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1This is a list of additional programs, that may or may not be installed by
2`make install', and that usually can be found in the `prog' directory of
3this package.
5* prog/config/ (written in bash and awk, not installed)
6  This program helps you generate the `bus' statements for your configuration
7  file. It read /proc/bus/i2c (or the file specified on the command-line),
8  and prints to stdout `bus' statements reflecting the currently detected
9  adapters.
10* prog/dump/isadump (written in C, not installed)
11  This program helps to dump the registers of LM78-like chips, or more
12  exactly, chips which use an I/O-port for its address and one as its
13  data register. Usual syntax:
14     ./isadump 0x295 0x296
15* prog/eeprom/ (written in Perl 5, not installed)
16  This program decodes the information generated by the `eeprom.o' module.
17  It will only work for the installed eeprom module from the src/ directory,
18  not for the old one in the i2c/drivers/ directory.
19* prog/sensors/sensors (written in C, installed by `make install')
20  This pretty-prints the information provided by the modules. It is a normal
21  console application, using stdin and stdout. It is essential, because
22  unlike the raw /proc/sys/dev/sensors/*/* files, it takes your configuration
23  file into account.
25There are some programs distributed with Simon Vogl's i2c package too:
26* i2c/detect/detect (written in C, not installed)
27  This program needs module `i2c-dev.o' to be loaded. It scans the complete
28  address range of a certain bus for connected devices. It will only work
29  for i2c-level drivers (not for PIIX4 busses).
30* i2c/eeprom/eeprom (written in C, not installed)
31  This program needs the i2c `eeprom.o' module (that is the one that is not
32  installed; it can be found in the i2c/drivers/ directory). It reads from
33  or writes to the eeprom.
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