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Makefile skeleton, made i2c compile with 2.0 kernels

Please examine the Makefile before extending it, as its approach is
completely new. It should be very modular now, though. Makefile fragments
are called

The in i2c does not handle dependencies yet.

There are some patches to bit-mb.c to make it compile with 2.0 kernels.
They have been sent to Simon Vogl (author of the i2c module).

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1# Note that MODULE_DIR (the directory in which this file resides) is a
2# 'simply expanded variable'. That means that its value is substituted
3# verbatim in the rules, until it is redefined.
4MODULE_DIR := i2c
6TARGETS := $(MODULE_DIR)/i2c-core.o  $(MODULE_DIR)/algo-bit.o \
7           $(MODULE_DIR)/i2c-dev.o   $(MODULE_DIR)/bit-lp.o \
8           $(MODULE_DIR)/bit-velle.o $(MODULE_DIR)/bit-mb.o
10all :: $(TARGETS)
12install :: $(TARGETS)
13        $(MKDIR) $(MODDIR)
14        install -o root -g root -m 644 $(MODDIR) $(TARGETS)
16clean ::
17        $(RM) $(TARGETS) 
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