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Revision 4287, 360.5 KB (checked in by mmh, 9 years ago)

The sensors library relied on one structure having an identical layout in
memory as part of another structure. This rather large patch fixes that by
making the smaller piece an explicit member of the larger.

I brought this patch into sync with the latest SVN, and tested it by comparing
objects files from the tree pre- and post- patch.

The remaining 99% of the credit goes to Bob Schlärmann <bob2@…> for
creating the original patch... thanks Bob!

* Bob Schlärmann <bob2@…> [2006-12-24 18:29:39 +0100]:

The following patch changes all of the lib/chips.c entries and any function
that uses sensors_chip_feature. Most of the conversion was done through a
perl script, so if you don't agree with the syntax it'll be easy to change.

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