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  • lm-sensors/trunk/INSTALL

    r139 r215  
    3939  The directory where 'make install' installs all executables. 
    4040* INCLUDEDIR ($(PREFIX)/include) 
    41   The basic directory where 'make install' installs your include files. 
     41  The base directory where 'make install' installs your include files. 
    4242  Actually, SYSINCLUDEDIR ($(INCLUDEDIR)/linux) is used for kernel header 
    4343  files, and LIBINCLUDEDIR ($(INCLUDEDIR)/sensors) is used for library 
    4444  header files. 
     45* MANDIR ($(PREFIX)/man) 
     46  The base directory where manual pages are installed.  
     47* MANOWN, MANGRP (root, root) 
     48  Owner and group of installed manual pages 
    46 Warning! In newer 2.1 kernels, there is support for I2C. This support is 
    47 NOT compatible with this module! Actually, Simon Vogl's modules package  
     50Warning! In 2.2 and newer 2.1 kernels, there is support for I2C. This support  
     51is NOT compatible with this module! Actually, Simon Vogl's modules package  
    4852(which IS compatible) is scheduled to replace the current support. If you 
    4953actually use these modules, you have a problem; they can not coexist 
    5155the old modules in the kernel tree with the new stuff in our i2c directory, 
    5256recompile the kernel, and then compile our modules with I2C=0. If you try 
    53 this, please share the results with us! 
     57this, please share the results with us! There have also been some rumors 
     58about the peaceful coexistence of both sets of modules, but others found 
     59some problems with it. 
    5561Please make sure that /usr/include/linux and /usr/include/asm are symlinks  
    6975If you just want to run a test without installing them, try the following: 
    7076  insmod i2c/i2c-core.o 
    71   insmod src/i2c-proc.o 
    72   insmod src/smbus.o 
    73   insmod src/sensors.o 
    74   insmod src/isa.o 
    75   insmod src/piix4.o  # Or whatever SMBus controller you have 
    76   insmod src/lm78.o   # Or whatever hardware monitoring chip you have 
     77  insmod kernel/i2c-proc.o 
     78  insmod kernel/i2c-dev.o 
     79  insmod kernel/smbus.o 
     80  insmod kernel/sensors.o 
     81  insmod kernel/busses/isa.o 
     82  insmod kernel/busses/piix4.o # Or whatever SMBus controller you have 
     83  insmod kernel/chips/lm78.o   # Or whatever hardware monitoring chip you have 
    7784Now you should have new directories under /proc/sys/dev/sensors and some files 
    7885beginning with i2c in /proc/bus. 
    8188do 'modprobe isa && modprobe piix4 && modprobe lm78 && modprobe i2c-proc'  
    8289(the last is optional) from any directory to reach the same situation. 
     91There is a program '' in prog/detect which should tell you at least 
     92what bus driver you should insert. This program is not completely failsafe, 
     93but it may at least help. It will be expanded to cover chip detection too, 
     94in the future. 
    8496Do not panic if some (or all) of the values in the /proc/sys/dev/sensors/*/* 
    94106(normally /usr/local/lib). It needs a configuration file, which is usually 
    95107called 'sensors.conf', and can be placed in /etc, /usr/lib/sensors, 
    96 /usr/local/lib/sensors, /usr/lib, or /usr/local/lib. [NOTE: No real 
    97 config file documentation is written yet. A relatively well-commented 
    98 example can be found in the etc directory.] 
     108/usr/local/lib/sensors, /usr/lib, or /usr/local/lib. 
     110Note that if you already have a config file, it is NOT overwritten! You 
     111may still want to do this by hand (`cp etc/ /etc/sensors.conf') 
     112as the example config file may be updated. 
    100114Where version 1 of this package had the human-readable /proc/sensors file, 
    102116and displays it in a comparable format. This program is called 'sensors'. 
    103117Everybody can use it to read sensors values; only root can use it to 
    104 set minimum and maximum values. 
     118set minimum and maximum values (using the `-s' switch). 
    106120If you want to run 'sensors' without installing the package, you must 
    111125source code. 
    113 One of the next releases of this package will have a user-space probe program, 
    114 which tells you which chips and busses are present, and which modules you 
    115 will have to load. At this moment, just try to load the modules; if no chip 
    116 or bus is detected, the module will fail to insert. [NOTE: not true for 
    117 the bit-lp.o and bit-elv.o drivers. Don't try them without expecting  
    118 fake devices] 
    120127Please examine the files in the doc subdirectory for more information,  
    121128especially about individual driver. You can always mail us at