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(edit) @5207 [5207] 7 years khali Minor optimizations and cleanups.
(edit) @5206 [5206] 7 years khali Unknown options are fatal, so label them error rather than warning.
(edit) @5204 [5204] 7 years khali Move the chip address parsing to a common function for consistency.
(edit) @5203 [5203] 7 years khali Consistently restrict the allowed I2C device address to 0x03 - 0x77.
(edit) @5201 [5201] 7 years khali Unify and shorten the usage messages. The details can be found in the man …
(edit) @5200 [5200] 7 years khali Don't print the list of i2c buses as part of the help.
(edit) @5199 [5199] 7 years khali Make the includes order correct and consistent accross all tools.
(edit) @5193 [5193] 7 years khali Refactor the handling of the I2CBUS parameter. This ensures more …
(edit) @5164 [5164] 7 years khali Update the FSF address.
(edit) @5001 [5001] 8 years khali Final status messages go to stdout. Fix two harmless file descriptor …
(edit) @4948 [4948] 8 years khali Rename I2C_FUNC_SMBUS_HWPEC_CALC to I2C_FUNC_SMBUS_PEC, as was done in the …
(edit) @4499 [4499] 8 years khali Show more warnings, and fix them.
(edit) @4487 [4487] 8 years khali Add a Makefile to build, install and uninstall the tools, and make them …
(copy) @4481 [4481] 8 years khali Oops, forgot to create the trunk level.
copied from i2c-tools/tools/i2cset.c:
(copy) @4480 [4480] 8 years khali Move i2cdetect, i2cdump, i2cset and i2cget to a separate package …
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