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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2134 Intel DG965WH (ICH8) detects OK but sensors says "no sensors detected" assigned ruik defect minor
#2311 Support for SiS 550 new somebody defect major
#2348 module c7temp shows voltage, but no temperature on HP Mini-Note 2133 new juergh defect major
#2359 HP Compaq 6720s no thermal-sensor detected new somebody defect major
#2372 Make fancontrol safer on kernel panic new somebody defect major
#2382 Sometimes coretemp fails on Atom CPU assigned khali defect major
#2384 sensors-detect: support for mfd-based SMBus controller drivers new khali defect major 3.4.0
#2390 libsensors: support for mfd-based hwmon drivers new khali defect major 3.4.0
#2238 Bus number substitution doesn't affect the device names new somebody enhancement minor 3.4.0
#2258 Support for changing channel type new somebody enhancement major
#2265 Super I/O SMSC SCH5017 on Tyan Toledo i3100 (S5207) new juergh enhancement major
#2357 PC8374L support new somebody enhancement major
#2358 Dell Latitude - SMSC - Found unknown chip with ID 0x2803 new juergh enhancement minor
#2360 support for dell optiplex 745 new mmh enhancement minor
#2369 Allow user additions to /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors new somebody enhancement minor
#2371 Let sensors-detect pick mainboard configuration files from a local database new somebody enhancement major
#2373 sensors-detect could list the already loaded hwmon drivers new somebody enhancement major
#2374 Add ATK0110 detection to sensors-detect new somebody enhancement major
#2375 Need a way to let "sensors" ignore kernel-provided labels new somebody enhancement major
#2383 Check for VID bits consistency new enhancement minor
#2385 User command to clear the chassis intrusion alarm new enhancement minor
#2387 Add command line interface to pwmconfig new enhancement minor 3.4.0
#2388 pwmconfig could write absolute device paths in /etc/fancontrol new enhancement major 3.4.0
#2394 Sensord lacks support for degrees Fahrenheit new enhancement minor
#2376 Proper support for relative temperature sensors new khali task major
#2389 Make manual pages available on-line new task major
#2393 Most links to the list archive are wrong new task minor
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