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ASUS P4B266 crashes when sensor modules loaded in "Turbo1" optimization mode (Examined/Solved - lm_sensors 2.8.0 Linux 2.4.21)

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I am using lm_sensors 2.8.0 on a ASUS P4B266 board (AS100 BACH sensor chip). In

spite of the experimental p4b_smbus hack and the issues of the undocumented ASUS

chip, it works very nicely !!

There is, however, a severe conflict with a particular BIOS setup option. This

report is mainly intended as an urgent warning to all p4b users who want to

install the lm_sensors package.

In the Setup of there board there is an option "Optimization mode", which may be

set to one of: Normal, Turbo1 or Turbo2. There seems to be no documentation

about this option, therefore I have no idea, what it does in detail.

If this is set to Turbo1 when the modules (w83781d, p4b_smbus,i2c_i801) are

loaded, the board becomes extremely unstable!! I had all kinds of horrible

crashes, for instance:

automatic reboot during starting the x-server

sudden blocking of the CM8738 on-board sound chip during playing sound

several SuperGAU crashes (no Kernel messages, everything dead, only hard reboot


When I changed the BIOS option to Normal, no stability problems any more, the

lm_sensor package and everything else working nicely.

On the other hand, without the sensor modules loaded, the Turbo1 setting has

worked well on my computer for more than 1 year without any stability problems.

I did not try the Turbo2 mode, I guess that it would be even worse.

yours sincerely

Wolfgang Pichl

--- thanks for the info.

If you find out any more about what turbo really is, please let us know.

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