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No CPU temperature

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When I run sensors-detect I sensors are detected. When I run sensors I get no sensors found.

Also sensors-detect says there is no sensor in the CPU, a Pentium D.

Sensors-detect instructs me to use i2c-isa, i2c-viapro, eeprom, and it87. After modprobe'ing these and confirming their presence with lsmod I still get no sensors found.

Any ideas?

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I forgot to add that I'm using version 2.10.1 on Kubuntu 6.10

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Please fix the reported by: Put there your mail address.

Please provide the output of sensors-detect (you can edit your original report) What motherboard manufacturer it is? What model? What kernel are you using? Provide output of following commands:

uname -a

cat /proc/ioports

Maybe it will help to run the kernel with kernel parameter pnpacpi=off (please try that after you provided the output above)



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Thank you for your reply.

My email is leonard at tramiel dot org

uname -a gives: Linux Bigd 2.6.17-10-generic #2 SMP Tue Dec 5 21:16:35 UTC 2006 x86_64 GNU/Linux

cat /proc/ioports gives: 0000-001f : dma1 0020-0021 : pic1 0040-0043 : timer0 0050-0053 : timer1 0060-006f : keyboard 0070-0077 : rtc 0080-008f : dma page reg 00a0-00a1 : pic2 00c0-00df : dma2 00f0-00ff : fpu 0170-0177 : ide1 01f0-01f7 : ide0 0290-029f : pnp 00:09 0376-0376 : ide1 0378-037a : parport0 03c0-03df : vga+ 03f6-03f6 : ide0 03f8-03ff : serial 0400-0407 : vt596_smbus 0778-077a : parport0 0800-0803 : ACPI PM1a_EVT_BLK 0804-0805 : ACPI PM1a_CNT_BLK 0808-080b : ACPI PM_TMR 0810-0815 : ACPI CPU throttle 0820-0823 : ACPI GPE0_BLK 0a00-0a0f : pnp 00:09 0a20-0a2f : pnp 00:09 0a30-0a3f : pnp 00:09 0cf8-0cff : PCI conf1 d080-d09f : 0000:00:10.3

d080-d09f : uhci_hcd

d400-d41f : 0000:00:10.2

d400-d41f : uhci_hcd

d480-d49f : 0000:00:10.1

d480-d49f : uhci_hcd

d800-d8ff : 0000:00:0f.0

d800-d8ff : sata_via

dc00-dc1f : 0000:00:10.0

dc00-dc1f : uhci_hcd

e000-e00f : 0000:00:0f.0

e000-e00f : sata_via

e080-e083 : 0000:00:0f.0

e080-e083 : sata_via

e400-e407 : 0000:00:0f.0

e400-e407 : sata_via

e480-e483 : 0000:00:0f.0

e480-e483 : sata_via

e800-e8ff : 0000:00:0a.0

e800-e8ff : 8139too

ec00-ec07 : 0000:00:0f.0

ec00-ec07 : sata_via

ee00-eeff : 0000:00:11.5

ee00-eeff : VIA8237

fc00-fc0f : 0000:00:0f.1

fc00-fc07 : ide0 fc08-fc0f : ide1

sensors-detect gives: # sensors-detect revision $Revision$

This program will help you determine which kernel modules you need to load to use lm_sensors most effectively. It is generally safe and recommended to accept the default answers to all questions, unless you know what you're doing.

We can start with probing for (PCI) I2C or SMBus adapters. Do you want to probe now? (YES/no): Probing for PCI bus adapters... Use driver `i2c-viapro' for device 0000:00:11.0: VIA Technologies VT8237 South Bridge

We will now try to load each adapter module in turn. Module `i2c-viapro' already loaded. If you have undetectable or unsupported adapters, you can have them scanned by manually loading the modules before running this script.

We are now going to do the I2C/SMBus adapter probings. Some chips may be double detected; we choose the one with the highest confidence value in that case. If you found that the adapter hung after probing a certain address, you can specify that address to remain unprobed.

Next adapter: SMBus Via Pro adapter at 0400 (i2c-0) Do you want to scan it? (YES/no/selectively): Client found at address 0x50 Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1033'... No Probing for `Analog Devices ADM1034'... No Probing for `SPD EEPROM'... Success!

(confidence 8, driver `eeprom')

Probing for `EDID EEPROM'... No Probing for `Maxim MAX6900'... No Client found at address 0x69 Client found at address 0x6a

Some chips are also accessible through the ISA I/O ports. We have to write to arbitrary I/O ports to probe them. This is usually safe though. Yes, you do have ISA I/O ports even if you do not have any ISA slots! Do you want to scan the ISA I/O ports? (YES/no): Probing for `National Semiconductor LM78' at 0x290... No Probing for `National Semiconductor LM78-J' at 0x290... No Probing for `National Semiconductor LM79' at 0x290... No Probing for `Winbond W83781D' at 0x290... No Probing for `Winbond W83782D' at 0x290... No Probing for `Winbond W83627HF' at 0x290... No Probing for `Silicon Integrated Systems SIS5595'... No Probing for `VIA VT82C686 Integrated Sensors'... No Probing for `VIA VT8231 Integrated Sensors'... No Probing for `IPMI BMC KCS' at 0xca0... No Probing for `IPMI BMC SMIC' at 0xca8... No

Some Super I/O chips may also contain sensors. We have to write to standard I/O ports to probe them. This is usually safe. Do you want to scan for Super I/O sensors? (YES/no): Probing for Super-I/O at 0x2e/0x2f Trying family `ITE'... Yes Found `ITE IT8718F Super IO Sensors' Success!

(address 0x290, driver `it87')

Trying family `National Semiconductor'... No Trying family `SMSC'... No Trying family `VIA/Winbond/Fintek'... No Probing for Super-I/O at 0x4e/0x4f Trying family `ITE'... No Trying family `National Semiconductor'... No Trying family `SMSC'... No Trying family `VIA/Winbond/Fintek'... No

Some CPUs or memory controllers may also contain embedded sensors. Do you want to scan for them? (YES/no): AMD K8 thermal sensors... No Intel Core family thermal sensor... No Intel AMB FB-DIMM thermal sensor... No

Now follows a summary of the probes I have just done. Just press ENTER to continue: Driver `eeprom' (should be inserted):

Detects correctly:

  • Bus `SMBus Via Pro adapter at 0400' Busdriver `i2c-viapro', I2C address 0x50 Chip `SPD EEPROM' (confidence: 8)

EEPROMs are *NOT* sensors! They are data storage chips commonly found on memory modules (SPD), in monitors (EDID), or in some laptops, for example.

Driver `it87' (should be inserted):

Detects correctly:

  • ISA bus, address 0x290 (Busdriver `i2c-isa') Chip `ITE IT8718F Super IO Sensors' (confidence: 9)

I will now generate the commands needed to load the required modules. Just press ENTER to continue: To make the sensors modules behave correctly, add these lines to /etc/modules.conf:

#----cut here---- # I2C module options alias char-major-89 i2c-dev #----cut here----

To load everything that is needed, add this to some /etc/rc* file:

#----cut here---- # I2C adapter drivers modprobe i2c-viapro modprobe i2c-isa # Chip drivers modprobe eeprom modprobe it87 # sleep 2 # optional /usr/local/bin/sensors -s # recommended #----cut here----

If you have some drivers built into your kernel, the list above will contain too many modules. Skip the appropriate ones! You really should try these commands right now to make sure everything is working properly. Monitoring programs won't work until the needed modules are loaded.

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Your chip IT8718 has support from the 2.6.19 kernels. You may use the patch for 2.6.17  here

Regards Rudolf

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