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Automatic patch generation for 'drivers/Makefile' failed (Examined/Solved - lm_sensors 2.5.4 / Linux-2.4.0 test 9)

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I got the new lm_sensors package for my Linux-2.4.0 test 9 kernel. I wanted to

patch the kernel but when I try to make the patch file it comes with the error:

Automatic patch generation for 'drivers/Makefile' failed.

Contact the authors please! at mkpatch/mkpatch.pl line 404.

The patch file is not complete. If I patch the kernel with this patch file I

still don't get the sensors option.

I hope someone can help.

Jurriaan --- our mkpatch script broke again.

It is fixed in our CVS version.

Please either check out the CVS version or

try to install the package as a separate compilation

instead of patching.

Thanks for the report.

If you need further assistance you can send mail to

sensors@… and reference ticket #409.

mds 10/17/00

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