and .


23:52 Changeset [3427] by frodo
Sync with kernel 2.3.36 Most important thing: move the i2c init up.
22:37 Changeset [683] by frodo
Better INSTALL instructions about compiling the package when you …


17:51 Changeset [682] by frodo
Changed W83783D detection as noted by Andreas Kurt Wege
01:32 Changeset [681] by frodo
make install fixes
01:27 Changeset [3426] by frodo
make install now works even if nothing has to be done, because …


23:51 Changeset [3425] by frodo
Fixed execution error pointed out by Phil Solved it by forward declaring …


03:07 Changeset [680] by frodo
Two bug fixes * DDC only looked for on 0x50, as other addresses are …
00:10 Changeset [679] by frodo
Applied Petr Vandrovec's patch for matrox cards and DDC detection.


21:13 Changeset [678] by frodo
Fixed a problem when the same address was used on different adapters


11:25 Changeset [3424] by simon
(simon) added SAA7110 driver id, moved mgatv out entry


01:40 Changeset [677] by frodo
Slight formatting correction for ADM1021 chips, as committed by …


23:44 Changeset [676] by frodo
New sensors.conf keyword 'ignore' This often-asked for, long-planned and …
20:56 Changeset [3423] by frodo
Implemented DESTDIR in Makefiles For the lm_sensors build system, …
20:52 Changeset [675] by frodo
Added DESTDIR Makefile variable Set DESTDIR if you want to install at …
20:44 Changeset [674] by frodo
Olaf Titz <olaf@…> patches for the SIS5595 driver It still …


00:51 Changeset [3422] by frodo
Petr Vandrovec's command-problem documented (or rather, removed a …
00:45 Changeset [3421] by frodo
CVS IDs in comments all-over.
00:40 Changeset [673] by frodo
Update in INSTALL and README to reflect the new i2c code in kernels …
00:27 Changeset [3420] by frodo
Added entry in the MAINTAINERS file Please check the data below; if you …
00:27 Changeset [672] by frodo
Added entry in the MAINTAINERS file Please check the data below; for now, …
00:01 Changeset [3419] by frodo
A few very small things in mkpatch; It works now correctly against …


18:29 Changeset [671] by phil
(Phil) Slight update to the I2C download/kernel integration info.
15:37 Changeset [3418] by simon
(simon) Added driver id & adapter id for matrox G400 support


02:24 Changeset [670] by mds
(mds) add support for force parameter. This allows for as99127f users to …


13:29 Changeset [669] by frodo
Added warning if i2c patches were not applied first.


20:44 Changeset [668] by frodo
Adrian's cosmetic newline


21:37 Changeset [667] by frodo
Changes regarding the new i2c_check_addr function Changes in sensors.c: …
21:33 Changeset [3417] by frodo
Previously announced i2c_check_addr function added Changes in i2c-core.c: …
18:38 Changeset [666] by frodo
SMP bug solved (file not included)


00:54 Changeset [665] by frodo
Fixed sensors-detect croak, I hope Forgot to put in a few braces :-(


21:15 Changeset [664] by frodo
sensors-detect now shows aliases Could somebody with a LM78 or W83781D on …
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