and .


03:00 Changeset [984] by mds
add simple scripts to read or edit a support ticket.


05:18 Changeset [983] by mds
update Motherboard monitor link. Remove some very old warnings.
05:15 Changeset [982] by mds
add link to Motherboard Monitor
04:52 Changeset [981] by mds
03:01 Changeset [980] by mds
normal i2c range 2c-2e, not 2c-2f.
03:00 Changeset [979] by mds
to lower case "lm87" in SENSORS_INSMOD_1 and printk's.
02:07 Changeset [978] by mds
fix CVS thingie >>>, update when i2c 2.5.5 is required.
00:29 Changeset [3525]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'V2-5-5'.
00:29 Changeset [3524] by frodo
Docs update regarding mkpatch change
00:27 Changeset [977] by frodo
Oops, removed double entry
00:26 Changeset [976] by frodo
Update in docs to reflect mkpatch changes.
00:22 Changeset [975] by frodo
Sync the mkpatch-generated i2c/Makefile with the kernel 2.4.0 one
00:18 Changeset [3523] by frodo
Make the mkpatch-generated i2c/Makefile the same as in 2.4.0 - …


21:10 Changeset [3522] by frodo
Synx with kernel 2.4.0


23:13 Changeset [974] by phil
(Phil) Documentation, further testing/debugging for the lm87 and osb4.


20:57 Changeset [973] by mds
Claim support for the ds1625 by the ds1621 driver, based on a review …
05:07 Changeset [972] by mds
update Myson ID
04:53 Changeset [971] by mds
first cut at documenting naming and content standards for entries in …
03:34 Changeset [970] by mds
update serverworks board info
03:28 Changeset [969] by mds
initial brief doc for mtp008
03:28 Changeset [968] by mds
update docs to reflect change from temp and remote_temp to temp1 and …


21:08 Changeset [967] by mds
serverworks now uses piix4 driver.
20:58 Changeset [966] by mds
note that i2c-piix4 supports Serverworks.


18:01 Changeset [965] by mds
removed; now supported by i2c-piix4.
18:00 Changeset [964] by mds
remove i2c-osb4
18:00 Changeset [3521] by mds
remove OSB4 comment
17:59 Changeset [3520] by mds
remove OSB4 #define since now supported by piix4.


20:26 Changeset [963] by phil
(Phil) Wrapped Serverworks OSB4 support into i2c-piix4.c (briefly tested …


15:16 Changeset [962] by frodo
Matteo Catanese's fixes to my mkpatch update


22:26 Changeset [961] by frodo
Finally added almost all drivers to mkpatch! I added the list we made …


21:41 Changeset [960] by mds
rename /proc entries temp and remote_temp to temp1 and temp2.
20:45 Changeset [959] by mds
use print_temp_info() for ds1621.
20:28 Changeset [958] by mds
chg addr range to 2c-2e; fix fan min writes.
18:58 Changeset [957] by mds
(mds) stub out two-fan support. Driver currently sets chip for single …
18:38 Changeset [956] by mds
(mds) add verification of company ID reg 0x3e in detection.
18:27 Changeset [955] by mds
(mds) rename /proc entries to in[0-5]
18:22 Changeset [954] by mds
(mds) change to standard VID calculation
18:07 Changeset [953] by mds
(mds) add lm87 support to 'sensors'. Rename SYSCTL_* values to standard …
16:42 Changeset [952] by mds
(mds) patch from Steffen Persvold <sp@…>. Change function names, …
16:21 Changeset [951] by mds
(mds) change lm87 prefix to lower case


18:30 Changeset [950] by phil
(Phil) Added a redundant define for Serverworks PCI vendor ID, for those …
01:50 Changeset [949] by mds
(mds) add i2c- prefix to module name in version/date printk for those …
01:43 Changeset [948] by mds
(mds) add serverworks osb4 support.
01:43 Changeset [3519] by mds
(mds) add serverworks osb4 support.
01:17 Changeset [947] by mds
(mds) fix writes to fan_div first value.
00:02 Changeset [3518] by phil
(Phil) Added define for i2c-osb4 driver to support Serverworks …
00:02 Changeset [946] by phil
(Phil) Initial Serverworks southbridge support, thanks to Steffen Persvold …


02:20 Changeset [945] by mds
(mds) print message if no sensors are found rather than just silently …
01:38 Changeset [944] by mds
(mds) start a simple log of the donations we have received.
01:26 Changeset [943] by mds
(mds) Check for uninitialized base addresses. Check for unenabled sensors. …
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