and .


19:14 Changeset [1042] by phil
(Phil) This is the best method I can think of to warn Thinkpad users of …
19:05 Changeset [1041] by phil
(Phil) Updates and a couple new entries.
04:22 Changeset [1040] by mds
documentation updates on eeproms
02:46 Changeset [1039] by mds
Don't reset the as99127f chip at startup. This may improve things …
02:44 Changeset [1038] by mds
add a sample configuration for the Tyan 2510 board which has two …
00:56 Changeset [1037] by mds
use normal_i2c[] instead of normal_i2c_range[] since only one address.


17:37 Changeset [3531] by frodo
Patch from Andrew Morton


01:55 Changeset [1036] by mds
Add SiS950 as equivalent to ITE87xx.


01:45 Changeset [1035] by mds
add entry for dual lm87's requiring different configuration


22:57 Changeset [1034] by mds
add adm9240/ds1780/lm81 template, add quotes to feature names in …


04:34 Changeset [1033] by mds
Update doc about preserving mtp008 pin configuration.
04:23 Changeset [1032] by mds
Change mtp008 temperature reporting from max/min to limit/hyst. …
04:15 Changeset [1031] by mds
add some more comments on temp_hyst and temp_over.
02:06 Changeset [1030] by mds
preserve pin settings from registers 0x57 and 0x58 at startup. These …
02:02 Changeset [1029] by mds
fix swapped limit and hysteresis on adm9240, sis5595, and via686a. …


03:47 Changeset [1028] by mds
Correct and add good explanation of lm80 temp limits.
03:30 Changeset [1027] by mds
yet more updates
03:12 Changeset [1026] by mds
renamed i2c_i810i2c_init() to i2c_i810_init() to match what mkpatch …
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