and .


23:23 Changeset [1093] by mds
Apply tristate patch from Jesus Arias <jesus@…> which …
22:28 Changeset [1092] by mds
add link to our appwatch page and two good analog devices articles.
20:02 Changeset [3540] by mds
remove 'static' in declaration of sensors_init() which caused …
02:31 Changeset [1091] by mds
add some more info on setting fan divisors.


05:18 Changeset [1090] by mds
Initial checkin of adm1024 driver and support in libsensors, …
05:05 Changeset [3539] by mds
add ID for ADM1024
04:45 Changeset [1089] by mds
add maxilife-nba support to libsensors.
04:40 Changeset [1088] by mds
really fix sensors so that it recognizes all maxilifes. didn't work …
04:14 Changeset [3538] by mds
initial checkin of i2c-algo-8xx.[ch], i2c-rpx.c. …


19:09 Changeset [1087] by mds
fix fan min writes, fix spurious 'invalid sensor type' messages. …
18:44 Changeset [1086] by mds
add maxilife-nba to doc, note that sensors-detect does not support.
18:32 Changeset [1085] by mds
Add support for maxilife-nba by just checking for "maxilife-" prefix.
18:32 Changeset [1084] by mds
add function prototype for print_lm87() to eliminate warning.


13:59 Changeset [3537] by simon
(simon) added bt819,bt856 ids, comment for saa7110


23:00 Changeset [1083] by phil
(Phil) Added a 'how-to' document from Tomi Ollila to the end for …


19:51 Changeset [1082] by mds
try to clarify guidance on i2c package requirements


19:53 Changeset [3536] by frodo
Fixed small init buglet as found by Michael DiGiorgio?
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