and .


06:57 Ticket #2157 (svn repo lm-sensors/trunk lacks w83627dhg support) created by "David Holl" <david@…>
I'm attaching a patch (svn diff) of the edits to add the W83627DHG to …


20:31 Ticket #2156 (nForce5 support) created by ticket
Is nForce5 supported? If not, does someone know when it may be?
10:25 Changeset [4263] by khali
f71805f: Fix the device address decoding The lowest 3 bits are ignored, …


15:01 Ticket #2155 (ASUS F3JA - no sensors found) created by ticket
Hi I'm a satisfied owner of a Asus F3JA AP036H with a core 2 T7200 2,0 Ghz …


01:50 Ticket #2154 (Sensors on Compaq d510) created by simon@…
I have a new install of Suse 10.2 on a Compaq D510 P4 2.0. Sensors detect …


22:02 Devices edited by ruik
Add the Intel AMB info (diff)
21:56 Changeset [4262] by ruik
Update the sensors-detect entry.
21:55 Changeset [4261] by ruik
Add the detection of Intel AMB FB-DIMM thermal sensor.
14:50 Changeset [4260] by khali
sensors-detect: Improve ADM1029 detection.
14:25 Changeset [4259] by khali
Keep the manufacturer ID list sorted.
11:55 Changeset [4258] by ruik
Use die code to increase confidence for aSC7511


22:37 Devices edited by ruik
Add the andigilog entries (diff)
22:19 Changeset [4257] by ruik
Add Andigilog chips detection
20:20 Changeset [4256] by khali
prog/dump/*: More robust user input handling.
20:05 Changeset [4255] by ruik
Update manufacturer list to JEP106U.01, rename two companies
19:01 Devices edited by khali
Update ADM1029 entry (diff)
17:44 Ticket #2153 (Intel DG965WH is not supported) closed by ruik
duplicate: Hello, please keep eye on the ticket#2134, I'm marking this as …


16:12 Devices edited by khali
Replace outdated links with version numbers (diff)
15:43 Devices edited by khali
Fix typo (diff)
15:42 Devices edited by khali
Update w83793 entry (diff)


15:14 Ticket #2153 (Intel DG965WH is not supported) created by ticket
No sensors found on Intel DG965WH board. Intel datasheet on their …


20:22 Changeset [4254] by ruik
Change Ruik's mail
18:39 Ticket #2152 (k8temp reports wrong values) created by simon@…
hi, i get this of sensors on my asus m2n-e: […] so the 18 / 17 C are …
11:28 WikiStart edited by khali
Warn users about k8temp upgrade requirements (diff)
11:22 Devices edited by khali
Update k8temp entry, lm_sensors 2.10.1+ is mandatory (diff)


17:13 Ticket #2151 (Allow i2c-elektor to be compiled on SMP) closed by khali
invalid: This is a kernel bug in an i2c bus driver, unrelated with sensors, so it …
15:04 Ticket #2151 (Allow i2c-elektor to be compiled on SMP) created by ticket
Around 2.6.0, i2c-elektor was marked BROKEN_ON_SMP. At some point since …


19:32 Changeset [4253] by mmh
Add trac/milestone maintenance to the list.
16:27 Devices edited by khali
Drop Mitsubishi M38869 i2c bus entry, we've not heard of it for years (diff)
16:14 Devices edited by khali
Update ICH7/ICH8/ICH9 entry (diff)
16:08 Changeset [4252] by khali
Add Intel ICH9 support.
11:02 Changeset [4251] by khali
Update doc/fan-divisors.
10:37 Ticket #2148 (AS99127F fan2 fan3 read zero(Asus A7V133)) closed by khali
worksforme: This is a FAQ. Please read the documentation: …
10:07 Ticket #2150 ([PATCH] vt1211 support for sensord) closed by khali
fixed: The driver you are using is not supported by us. The vt1211 driver we …


23:23 Devices edited by khali
Fix date (diff)
23:19 Devices edited by khali
Add Maxim MAX6648/MAX6692 entry (diff)
23:05 Changeset [4250] by khali
Add Maxim MAX6648/MAX6692 detection. These seem to be somewhat similar to …
20:56 Changeset [4249] by khali
Minor ICH names update.
16:51 Changeset [4248] by khali
Add vt1211 support to sensord. Original patch from ticket #2150.
16:36 Changeset [4247] by khali
Drop outdated (and not particularly relevant) comment.
07:33 Ticket #2150 ([PATCH] vt1211 support for sensord) created by ticket
A straightfoward patching adding vt1211 support to sensord. Note that I …


22:25 Ticket #2149 (sensors-detect mis-detects vt1211) created by sensors.e.pengi@…
With the 2.6.19 kernel, modprobe vt1211 reports that it cannot …
15:43 Ticket #2148 (AS99127F fan2 fan3 read zero(Asus A7V133)) created by ticket
I have a Asus A7V133 mb running gentoo (kernel 2.6.18). Lm_sensors run …


21:29 Devices edited by khali
Add SMSC SCH5504 entry (diff)
00:11 Ticket #2147 (w83627hf Super I/O ASrock K7VM3 /etc/sensors.conf fanx_div ignored) created by ticket
Greetings; No matter what I put in as a divisor for my fans in …


23:31 Ticket #2146 (ADM1032 Config Reg Check Incorrect) created by ticket
In lm90_detect routine, adm1032 entry (sensors-detect:3478), the config …
15:41 Changeset [4246] by khali
Minor param name change to minimze diff with 2.4 kernel tree.


21:17 Changeset [4245] by khali
GCC4 and whitespace changes to sync with the Linux 2.4 tree.
08:58 Ticket #2145 (modify the voltage sensors values got by net-snmp) created by ticket
Hi, I met a problem about lm_sensors and net-snmp.lm_sensors on my system …


01:34 HardwareHacking edited by till
More generic descriptions (diff)


16:57 Changeset [4244] by ruik
Add Andigilog chip ID.
14:06 Devices edited by ruik
Add SB600, MCP61, MCP65, ICH9, PIIX5 (diff)
13:41 Changeset [4243] by ruik
Add to-be-tested for: ATI SB600, nVidia MCP61, MCP65 and Intel PIIX5. Add …


16:12 Configurations edited by ruik
Link to ticket#2139 Too high temperature on Gigabyte boards (diff)
10:23 Devices edited by khali
Update the Myson MTP008 entry (diff)
03:49 Ticket #2144 (coretemp working, but not available in ksensors) created by richardvoigt@…
applied the coretemp patch to 2.6.19-rc6-git3 and built lm_sensors from …


08:57 Changeset [4242] by khali
Sort the Fintek Super-I/O entries.
08:54 Devices edited by khali
Update F71882FG and EP1308 entries (diff)
08:28 Changeset [4241] by khali
Add Fintek F71882FG detection. The EPoX EP1308 appears to be a clone of …


04:15 Ticket #2143 (Can't detect sensors on Asus DSBF-D motherboard) created by support@…
I have a new Asus DSBF mobo which includes both motherboard sensors AND …
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