and .


08:45 Ticket #2147 (w83627hf Super I/O ASrock K7VM3 /etc/sensors.conf fanx_div ignored) closed by khali
fixed: Use strace to see exactly what "sensors -s" is doing. The most likely …


21:15 Devices edited by khali
Drop the bttv entry (diff)
13:51 Changeset [4368] by jwrdegoede
-rewrite dyn chip code, it now uses sensors_feature_get_type() to …


20:07 Changeset [4367] by jwrdegoede
-comment abituguru entry in lib/chips.c and prog/sensors/main.c, as the …
19:48 Changeset [4366] by jwrdegoede
Generic chip support / get featuretype fixes just received from Bob …
17:39 Ticket #2201 (-5V and -12 reversed in sensors output?) created by markknecht@…
I switched to a passive heatsink on my A8N-E AMD64 motherboard and wanted …
16:54 Changeset [4365] by jwrdegoede
Dynamicly determine the maximum used label length in the generic chip …
16:52 Changeset [4364] by jwrdegoede
Some fixes for problems with the dyn chip support / generic printing …
16:43 Changeset [4363] by jwrdegoede
generic chip printing routine for sensors prog, by Bob Schlarmann and Luuk …
16:43 Changeset [4362] by jwrdegoede
generic chip printing routine for sensors prog, by Bob Schlarmann and Luuk …
16:41 Changeset [4361] by jwrdegoede
generic in/temp/fan printing routines for sensors prog, by Bob Schlarmann …
16:40 Changeset [4360] by jwrdegoede
add sensors_feature_get_type method, by Bob Schlarmann and Luuk Kleiweg
16:09 Changeset [4359] by jwrdegoede
dynamicly generate a sensors_chip_features_list entry for unknown chips …


23:05 Ticket #2200 (S2875 k8temp reports different values from BIOS and w83627hf) created by tuskentower@…
I just rebuilt my kernel to try something out, and I enabled the k8temp …
21:43 Ticket #2199 (Wrong path to i2cdetect on fc6) closed by khali
fixed: This is essentially a packaging problem, sensors-detect expects i2cdetect …
21:24 Changeset [4358] by khali
sensors-detect: Add /usr/sbin to the PATH. i2cdetect might be there …


14:55 Changeset [4357] by mmh
Merge from trunk (4303:4355) out to 3.0.0 branch.


15:41 Ticket #2199 (Wrong path to i2cdetect on fc6) created by lm-sensors@…
I tried to use sensors-detect to detect and load the modules required for …


14:29 Changeset [4356] by khali
Discard 3 out-of-date entries. Case and spacing fixes.


15:14 Devices edited by khali
Update AD7418 entry (diff)


18:58 Devices edited by khali
Update SMSC DME1737 entry (again) (diff)
18:42 Devices edited by khali
Update SMSC SCH5504 entry (diff)
18:28 Devices edited by khali
Update DME1737 entry (diff)
17:46 Changeset [4355] by khali
Add user-space support for the SMSC DME1737. Patch from Juerg Haefliger.
15:59 Ticket #2198 (Would like support for HP nc6230 laptop) created by ticket
Hello, I have an HP nc6230 laptop running SLED10 SP1 (kernel; I …


15:41 Devices edited by khali
ATI SB600 and VIA CX700 supported in 2.10.3 (diff)
15:30 Devices edited by khali
SVN -> 2.10.3 (diff)
13:34 Ticket #2197 (Unable to detect SMSC SCH5027D right on Intel Entry Server Board S3000AH) closed by khali
duplicate: Duplicate of ticket #2195.


19:08 Changeset [4354] by khali
libsensors: Clean up pwm symbol names translation.
17:25 Changeset [4353] by khali
sensors-detect: Probe the Super-I/O families from the shorter enter …
17:19 Changeset [4352] by khali
sensors: Drop ddcmon and eeprom support. This had been announced some time …
17:16 Changeset [4351] by khali
isadump: In addr/data-style mode, detect when bit 7 of the address port is …
17:12 Ticket #2197 (Unable to detect SMSC SCH5027D right on Intel Entry Server Board S3000AH) created by nemesisa@…
[…] == i2cdump from 0x2e == […]
16:50 WikiStart edited by khali
Edit 2.10.3 release announcement wording (diff)
15:41 Download edited by athimm
15:40 Download edited by athimm
Latest lm_sensors release is 2.10.3 (diff)
15:34 WikiStart edited by athimm
Add a news entry for 2.10.3 (diff)
14:54 Ticket #2144 (coretemp working, but not available in ksensors) closed by khali
invalid: Support needs to be added to ksensors, there's nothing we can do. Report …
14:51 Devices edited by khali
Update coretemp entry (diff)


10:59 Milestone 2.10.3 completed
10:49 Ticket #2196 (unknown sensors found on SiS648FX chipset) created by tom.l.ferris@…
Running sensors-detect misdetects my chipset as being a requiring the …


19:58 Ticket #2195 (Fails to detect ITE family chip with ID 0x7803) created by cc@…
Output from sensors-detect using svn r4348 […] == Dump from lspci …
17:26 Ticket #2194 (Request: Support for Fintek F71882FG ( FoxConn P9657AA )) closed by khali
duplicate: Duplicate of #2191.
17:24 Devices edited by khali
One more request for a F71882 driver (diff)


11:11 Ticket #2194 (Request: Support for Fintek F71882FG ( FoxConn P9657AA )) created by ticket
Please add support for the Fintek F71882FG. Found it on my FoxConn?
00:43 Changeset [4350] by phil
Create tag 'V2-10-3'.
00:42 Changeset [4349] by phil
Prep for 2.10.3 release.


13:26 Ticket #2193 (No sensors found on FSC D1859, Primergy Econel 50) created by malte.forkel@…
Hi, Unfortenately, lm-sensors will find no sensors on in my …
10:45 Changeset [4348] by khali
Spelling fix: explicitly.


22:07 Changeset [4347] by khali
sensors-detect: Make the LM78 and W83781D detection safer. If we find that …
14:35 Kernel2.6 edited by khali
Update driver port status (diff)
14:23 Changeset [4346] by khali
Fix repeated typo in chip name.
14:21 Devices edited by khali
Update MAX6650 entry (diff)
14:15 Changeset [4345] by khali
libsensors: Fix max1619 support.
14:06 Configurations/Asus/P5B-E created by khali
Add config file for the Asus P5B-E
13:57 Changeset [4344] by khali
libsensors: Fix support of Linux 2.6's max6650 driver.


10:38 Devices edited by khali
Delete the MAX6900 entry, it's a RTC chip (diff)
10:36 Changeset [4343] by khali
Change the MAX6900 driver from "to-be-written" to "not-a-sensor". This is …
07:20 Ticket #2099 (Add support for the PC87427 Super I/O with the provided Data sheet) closed by khali
fixed: Partial support was added in Linux kernel 2.6.20 / lm-sensors 2.10.2. Only …
07:12 Ticket #2098 (Fintek 71872F support) closed by khali
fixed: Support for the Fintek F71872F/FG has been added to the f71805f driver in …
07:07 Ticket #2091 (w83627hf-isa in6 reading changed from -5V line to something +3.5V between ...) closed by khali
worksforme: No news for 7 months, closing.


14:41 Ticket #2192 (sensors-detect finds sensprs, modules loaded, but no sensors working) created by kuroyume@…
Basically, even though sensors-detect finds sensors, and the modules are …


09:27 Devices edited by khali
Three more requests for a F71882FG driver (diff)


19:15 Ticket #2191 (Driver for Fintek F71882 (MSI P965 Platinum)) created by h_siegel@…
Hi, seems there was only one request up to now for a Fintek Super I/O …
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