and .


13:36 FAQ/Chapter4 edited by khali
Ask for output of sensors (diff)
13:23 Devices edited by khali
Make k8temp entry more helpful (diff)
13:00 Changeset [5637] by khali
Fix memory leak in scanner when using flex 2.5.9 or later.


14:14 Changeset [5636] by khali
When looking for hwmon device attributes, skip non-file sysfs entries. …


13:17 Ticket #2343 (Support for IT8720?) closed by fmyhr
fixed: Yes. Thank you, Jean-Marc and Jean.
11:00 Ticket #2368 (Module loading order is unstable) closed by khali
fixed: Hopefully addressed by r5635.
10:58 Changeset [5635] by khali
Do not include in the driver list the PCI and USB drivers which are …
09:44 Changeset [5634] by khali
Add a note about the default configuration file change at installation …


06:51 Configurations/Asus/P5E3 created by nienberg


13:24 Changeset [5633] by khali
Return a string rather than NULL for unknown errors. Patch from Andre …
10:45 Changeset [5632] by khali
Removed trailing semicolon in error string. Patch from Andre Prendel.
09:58 Changeset [5631] by khali
Drop stray references to procfs interface.
09:28 Changeset [5630] by khali
Drop support for kernels 2.4 and earlier.
09:13 Changeset [5629] by khali
Don't round temperature values.


14:16 Changeset [5628] by khali
Consistently use "err" as the variable name to carry error codes.
14:11 Download edited by khali
Update the list of recommended patches (diff)
14:10 Changeset [5627] by khali
Fix exit code in error case (for example no sensors found.) Patch from …


13:59 Changeset [5626] by khali
There can be more than 6 VID pins.
11:48 Changeset [5625] by khali
Don't tell users to ask for support, this branch is in maintenance mode. …
09:50 Download edited by khali
Update snapshot generation time (diff)
08:58 WikiStart edited by khali
Announce SVN branch renames (diff)


17:54 iwizard/NoSensorsDetected edited by khali
Update link to sensors-detect (diff)
17:51 Kernel2.6 edited by khali
Porting guide is outdated (diff)
17:43 i2cToolsDocumentation edited by khali
Update SVN links (diff)
17:37 Devices edited by khali
Update link to sensors-detect (diff)
17:33 LegacyDevices edited by khali
Update SVN links (diff)
17:21 Download edited by khali
Update SVN links (diff)
17:12 Download edited by khali
Update links (diff)
16:57 Documentation edited by khali
Drop links to deprecated documentation (diff)
16:45 Ticket #2366 (Swap lm-sensors branches in SVN) closed by khali
fixed: Done (r5623, r5624).
16:41 Changeset [5624] by khali
lm-sensors 3.0 is now the main development branch.
16:36 Changeset [5623] by khali
lm-sensors 2.10 is entering maintenance mode.
16:19 Changeset [5622] by khali
Drop support for kernels 2.4 and earlier.
16:17 Ticket #2246 (Change the syntax of /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors) closed by khali
fixed: init script modified (r5620), sample conversion script included (r5621).
16:16 Changeset [5621] by khali
Include a sample conversion script to address the configuration file …
16:07 Changeset [5620] by khali
Support new format of /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors (#2246).
15:15 Ticket #2369 (Allow user additions to /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors) created by khali
It could be useful to let the user add custom modules to …


11:54 Ticket #2352 ([Aus M2A-VM - Kubuntu Hardy - sensors v3] Wrong cpu temperature) closed by khali
duplicate: See #2278.
11:24 Ticket #2339 (abitguru3 doesnt detect fan6 on Abit AT8-32X) closed by khali
fixed: Fixed in kernel 2.6.27. …
11:18 Ticket #2318 (low core temps asrock conroe motherboard) closed by khali
11:16 Ticket #2280 (CPU temps with AMD X2 4000+ / ASUS M2N-MX SE / CentOS5) closed by khali
duplicate: Duplicate of #2300 and #2278.
11:15 Ticket #2200 (S2875 k8temp reports different values from BIOS and w83627hf) closed by khali
duplicate: This is indeed a duplicate of #2152, #2278 and many other tickets.
11:13 Ticket #2300 (Incorrect Values with k8temp and f71882fg on MSI K9AG Neo2 digital) closed by khali
duplicate: Weird k8temp values: see ticket #2278. Voltage values: wiring (labels) …
11:08 Ticket #2278 (k8temp shows wrong temperature) closed by khali
wontfix: This is a known, documented bug in K8 rev. F and later. See erratum #141. …
10:59 Ticket #2368 (Module loading order is unstable) created by khali
With some hwmon drivers auto-loading, the order of the hwmon class devices …


23:19 Configurations/Asus/KFN4-DRE created by nienberg


10:55 Changeset [5619] by khali
Clarify Linux kernel vs. GNU/Linux OS.
10:35 Changeset [5618] by khali
Add nNidia nForce MCP67, MCP73, MCP79 SMBus support.
10:21 Devices edited by khali
Add nvidia MCP67, MCP73 and MCP79 (diff)


17:19 Changeset [5617] by khali
I can't remember why we needed POSIX in the past, but apparently we no …
10:09 Changeset [5616] by khali
Don't tell users to blindly run i2cdump, it is dangerous!
10:07 Changeset [5615] by khali
Force locale to C, so that the FAQ headers are always in English.
09:58 FAQ/Chapter4 edited by khali
Get rid of extra blank lines (diff)
09:55 FAQ/Chapter4 edited by khali
Don't tell users to blindly run i2cdump, it is dangerous! (diff)
09:19 Changeset [5614] by khali
Drop reference to external FAQ, which is likely to become irrelevant.


22:43 Documentation edited by khali
Delete the protocol implementation page: virtually everything is … (diff)
22:07 Changeset [5613] by khali
Fix detection of older DS1621.
21:38 Changeset [5612] by khali
Fix detection of older DS1621.
16:14 Changeset [5611] by khali
py-smbus depends on <linux/i2c-dev.h>.
16:11 Changeset [5610] by khali
List include first, so that other modules can use it.
16:10 Changeset [5609] by khali
Add missing entry.
15:48 Changeset [5608] by khali
Integrate py-smbus into the build system. Patch from Mike Frysinger.
15:42 Changeset [5607] by khali
Drop stray reference to lm-sensors.
15:26 Changeset [5606] by khali
Add missing ticket numbers.
15:23 Ticket #2333 (Default sensors.conf is fat and confusing) closed by khali
fixed: We now install sensors.conf.default instead of the fat sensors.conf.eg by …
15:21 Changeset [5605] by khali
Install sensors.conf.default instead of sensors.conf.eg.
15:13 Changeset [5604] by khali
Add sections for the SMSC SCH311x and SCH5027.
15:03 Changeset [5603] by khali
New default configuration file. This is sensors.conf.eg with only …
14:20 Changeset [5602] by khali
Add some chip prefixes.
11:18 Configurations/Gigabyte/MA770-DS3 created by khali
Config file for Gigabyte MA770 DS3


17:22 Changeset [5601] by khali
Discard idempotent labels.
14:49 Documentation edited by khali
Drop introduction about I2C, now on the linux i2c wiki (diff)


21:40 Documentation edited by khali
Drop all links to i2c repository, the up-to-date documents are in the … (diff)


21:26 Changeset [5600] by khali
Update maintainer address.
17:02 Devices edited by khali
Add link to ds1621 patches (diff)
13:54 Changeset [5599] by khali
We have a driver for the ADT7475 now.
13:53 Changeset [5598] by khali
Update 2 driver names.
13:51 Devices edited by khali
Update ADT7475 entry (diff)
13:49 Devices edited by khali
k8temp patches in kernel 2.6.29 (diff)


21:44 Changeset [5597] by khali
Let the environment set CC and CFLAGS. Original patch from Mike Frysinger.


14:49 Devices edited by crossleym
Added information for the ADT7481. (diff)


18:46 Changeset [5596] by khali
Complete GPL header.
18:32 Changeset [5595] by khali
Delete the decode-xeon script. It was essentially unmaintained, was never …
18:07 Changeset [5594] by khali
Licensing clarification.
09:06 Changeset [5593] by jwrdegoede
Add ACPI bus


17:39 Changeset [5592] by khali
Get rid of useless variables $isa and $ipmi.
17:38 Changeset [5591] by khali
Don't build modprobe lines before we actually need them.
17:17 Changeset [5590] by khali
Print warnings about missing modules on screen, rather than telling the …
17:13 Changeset [5589] by khali
Move configuration files generation to a dedicated sub.
13:39 Changeset [5588] by khali
Improve the format of /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors as generated by …
13:30 Changeset [5587] by khali
Drop a needless variable.
13:25 Changeset [5586] by khali
Let generate_modprobes() export clean lists of modules that need to be …
12:57 Changeset [5585] by khali
Delete lm_sensors.init.suse. The actual SuSE initialization script is much …
11:31 Changeset [5584] by khali
Fix listing of needed bus drivers.


17:21 Changeset [5583] by khali
Delete needless forward declaration.
16:39 Ticket #2281 (Validate references in configuration file) closed by khali
wontfix: Honestly, I can't really remember what I had in mind when opening this …
13:22 Ticket #2365 (Circular dependencies crash libsensors) closed by khali
fixed: Fixed in r5582. I simply limited recursion depth. It's much easier (and …
13:19 Changeset [5582] by khali
Detect excessive recursion depth during expression evaluation.
11:04 Download edited by khali
Update list of recommended patches (diff)
11:00 Changeset [5581] by khali
Fix error propagation during expression evaluation.


16:14 Download edited by khali
FTP mirror (diff)
15:58 Devices edited by khali
Update k8temp entry (diff)
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