and .


20:44 Devices edited by khali
Add link to standalone w83627ehf driver for W83667HG (diff)
18:15 Changeset [5683] by khali
Refactor dmidecode version check into a separate function.
17:47 Changeset [5682] by khali
Strip stray backslash.
17:44 Changeset [5681] by khali
Use dmidecode to find IPMI interfaces if available. This is required if …


22:44 Changeset [5680] by khali
Differentiate between PC8374L and WPCD377I. Both chips have the same …
18:36 Devices edited by khali
Add an entry for the Nuvoton W83795 chips (diff)


11:37 Changeset [5679] by andy
sensord: Remove leading whitespaces in empty lines.


16:32 Changeset [5678] by andy
Convert coding style in prog/sensord/ from gnu to kernel style.
15:44 FeedbackAndSupport edited by khali
Keep the discussions on the list, please! (diff)
13:13 Download edited by khali
Add the change of default configuration file to the release notes (diff)


10:36 Ticket #2373 (sensors-detect could list the already loaded hwmon drivers) created by khali
Upon starting, sensors-detect could check /sys/class/hwmon for hardware …


10:44 Changeset [5677] by khali
Display the base I/O address of Super-I/O logical device if it is set, …


16:32 Ticket #2372 (Make fancontrol safer on kernel panic) created by khali
It was reported that hardware could be damaged on kernel panic when …
16:20 Changeset [5676] by khali
Don't use variables when they hurt readability more than they help.
10:04 Changeset [5675] by khali
Add nNidia nForce MCP78S SMBus detection.


22:04 Download edited by phil
mirrored files for 3.1.0 are available now (diff)


14:07 Changeset [5674] by andy
Use func in sensors_fatal_error() to get function name.
11:36 Ticket #2371 (Let sensors-detect pick mainboard configuration files from a local ...) created by khali
sensors-detect now detects the mainboard based on DMI data. It could …


14:06 Milestone 3.1.0 completed
13:04 Changeset [5673] by khali
Post-release version update.
13:02 WikiStart edited by khali
Announce 3.1.0 (diff)


22:14 Download edited by khali
Announce 3.1.0 (diff)
22:01 Changeset [5672] by khali
3.1.0 release
22:00 Changeset [5671] by khali
Update branch reference.
22:00 Changeset [5670] by khali
Update branch references.
21:55 Changeset [5669] by khali
Prepare for release.
20:42 Changeset [5668] by khali
Create pid file only after successful initialization.
20:38 Changeset [5667] by khali
Exit if configuration file can't be read.


17:34 Devices edited by khali
Update W83667HG entry (diff)
17:15 Changeset [5666] by khali
Map the W83667HG chip to the w83627ehf driver. Support should be available …
15:46 Changeset [5665] by khali
Fix segmentation fault when passing a custom configuration file.
11:03 Changeset [5664] by andy
Create /etc/sensors.d directory during installation. Patch from Gabriel C.


08:47 Changeset [5663] by khali
Set library version to 4.1.0.
08:46 Changeset [5662] by khali


09:05 Devices edited by khali
Update SB800 status (diff)
09:02 LegacyDevices edited by khali
ATI SB800 isn't actually supported (diff)


11:56 Changeset [5661] by khali
If str(n)dup fails, there is no more memory left. We should exit with "Out …
10:22 Devices edited by khali
Update PC8374L entry (diff)


13:41 Changeset [5660] by khali
Add detection of Winbond WPCD377I (no sensors).


22:25 Changeset [5659] by jwrdegoede
adjust scan_i2c_adapter() for FSC probe workaround
21:31 Changeset [5658] by jwrdegoede
sensors-detect: Add detection of FSC Hades and Syleus IC's
21:26 Changeset [5657] by jwrdegoede
sensors-detect: Add a special case for probing i2c address 0x73 for FSC …
11:17 Changeset [5656] by khali
It is not an error if /etc/sensors.d doesn't exist.


11:50 ProjectInformation edited by khali
Chassis intrusion detection isn't standardized yet (diff)
11:50 Ticket #2370 (Support for chassis intrusion detection) created by khali
libsensors 3 lacks support for chassis intrusion detection. Some chips had …


21:49 Changeset [5655] by khali
21:47 Changeset [5654] by khali
Document error-related functions.
21:46 Changeset [5653] by khali
Document function sensors_snprintf_chip_name.
21:45 Changeset [5652] by khali
Reorder description section to match synopsis order. Move structure …
21:43 Changeset [5651] by khali
Reformat description section.
21:42 Changeset [5650] by khali
Reformat synopsis section.
18:29 Ticket #2174 (Add 'include' functionality for sensors.conf) closed by khali
fixed: Implemented in r5647.
18:26 Changeset [5649] by khali
Include the configuration file name when reporting parse errors.
18:24 Changeset [5648] by khali
Keep track of configuration file names so that we can later generate …
18:22 Changeset [5647] by khali
Read extra configuration files from /etc/sensors.d.
18:19 Changeset [5646] by khali
Make it possible to only substitute the bus number of a subset of the chip …
18:18 Changeset [5645] by khali
Free bus statements from the configuration file as soon as we are done …
18:15 Changeset [5644] by khali
Exit the configuration file parser as soon as we are done with it. This …


10:13 Devices edited by khali
sensors-detect is a stand-alone script (diff)
10:10 Changeset [5643] by khali
Mention the stand-alone nature of sensors-detect, as suggested by Matt …


17:21 Changeset [5642] by khali
Spelling fix.
17:06 Changeset [5641] by khali
Spelling fix.
14:13 Changeset [5640] by khali
10:55 Devices edited by khali
Update ICH8/HECI status (diff)


11:12 Changeset [5639] by khali
Fix inclusion of general.h.


21:50 Changeset [5638] by khali
Report configuration file read errors.
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