and .


15:21 Changeset [6046] by khali
Merge 4 regular expressions into a single one, this is faster.
15:18 Changeset [6045] by khali
libsensors: Fix warning about library path not in /etc/ld.so.conf On …
15:13 Changeset [6044] by khali
sensors: Fix libiconv linkage need detection in rare corner case.
09:38 Changeset [6043] by khali
decode-dimms: Use short name in side-by-side output mode also when reading …


09:22 Changeset [6042] by khali
Decode and print bus width extension of DDR3 memory modules.
09:20 Changeset [6041] by khali
Decode and print module configuration type (parity, ECC) of DDR2 memory …


21:38 Download edited by khali
Update the list of recommended patches (diff)
21:36 Ticket #2386 (sensors-detect may corrupt EDID EEPROM) closed by khali
fixed: Committed (r6040).
21:33 Changeset [6040] by khali
Avoid probing EDID addresses (0x50-0x57) on graphics card adapters. We had …


10:19 I2CTools_4_Plan edited by khali
Library name decided (diff)


15:11 I2CTools_4_Plan edited by khali
Add discussion points (diff)


18:32 Ticket #2386 (sensors-detect may corrupt EDID EEPROM) created by khali
We had one report of EDID EEPROM corruption supposedly caused by running …


18:37 I2CTools_4_Plan edited by khali
Add separate third step (diff)
09:54 Changeset [6039] by khali
Update release checklist.
08:33 Changeset [6038] by khali
PCI bus is always required even if it might be missing on some platforms. …


18:28 UsefulLinks edited by groeck
Add PECI document reference (diff)


10:09 I2CTools edited by khali
i2c-tools version 4 is coming (diff)
10:08 I2CTools_4_Plan created by khali
Describe the plan for i2c-tools version 4
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